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The Ultimate Bikini and Swimsuit Bottom Style Guide

The Ultimate Bikini and Swimsuit Bottom Style Guide

Warmer days are coming! Whether you’ll be hanging out by the beach or in your backyard by then, we want to make sure that you’re decked in the most gorgeous, ethically-made swimwear for the occasion. Find your style in our bikini and swimsuit bottom style guide.

There are so many options when it comes to bikini and swimsuit bottoms, so we don’t blame you for feeling a little overwhelmed by the choices sometimes. To make it easier for you to choose the right bikini bottom, we’ve prepared the ultimate style guide to help you narrow down the cuts that will work for you.

Read on to learn more about these different styles of bikini and swimsuit bottom cuts!

1. Cheeky cut

Sometimes known as the thong cut, this saucy style is a classic choice among beach babes. While there is full coverage on the front, the legs are cut high to elongate your gams. Meanwhile, the signature thong cut in the back makes it easier to toast your buns in the sun!

Since it was created in the 1970s by designer Rudi Gernreich, thongs have come into the mainstream despite being seen as risque by some quarters early on. Between the cast of Baywatch in the 1990s and the thong with low rise jeans trend of the early 2000s, this style of bikini has remained a popular staple in swimwear over recent years.

Whether you choose a bikini set or a one-piece swimsuit, this cut is so flirty and fun. Seeing as it doesn’t have as much coverage as some other options, this bold choice is perfect for the gal who is confident about revealing a little more skin.

As seen on: Heather One Piece Swimsuit (pictured); Sara One Piece Swimsuit

2. Brazil cut

Featuring an ultra low waistband and very high cut leg, this style of bikini first became popular in Brazil, hence the name! Brazil is credited with launching many bikini trends, but this sexy cut is definitely one that it’s most famous for.

Just like the cheeky cut, this style of bikini bottom is often cited as ideal for those who want to minimise tan lines. The ultra low rise waistband usually sits just above the hip bone, meaning that your tan will appear uninterrupted in most of your belly-baring outfits. Meanwhile, the high cut legs will make you look taller and leaner too!

The Brazil cut definitely doesn’t offer much coverage, so if you’re planning some rigorous beachside activities, we recommend choosing a fuller coverage style. But if your beach day will consist of rest and relaxation (and some tanning), then this style would be perfect for you!

As seen on: Charlotte bikini bottom (pictured), Anja bikini bottom, Danielle bikini bottom

3. Scrunch style

With curves and ample bottoms being in style, it’s no wonder this bikini bottom style has become more in demand! What makes this style special is the gathers (also known as ruching) down the middle of the back, which creates an illusion of fullness for bums of any size.

Whether you choose a solid colour or print, this style is incredibly flattering. It should be noted that the main design component - that gathered section down the middle - is definitely less obvious on printed material, so if you’d like that design feature to be a little less apparent, that may be the way to go.

This style is especially great for gals who feel self-conscious about their smaller assets, because it definitely helps things look fuller and curvier. Perfect for capturing that beachside belfie for the ‘Gram!

As seen on: Christena bikini bottom, Scarlett Luxe bikini bottom, Lola Tri-side bikini bottom

4. Mid-rise cut

Want something that’s got just the right amount of coverage? Then this style may be the one for you! Featuring medium coverage all around, this classic style is the perfect choice for those who simply want a more demure bikini option but still show a bit of skin.

If you’ll be doing lots of activities and want something that will stay on through it all, this style is a great option too. Available in different hues and prints, this is a fun way to showcase your personality and style through your choice of fabric!

As seen on: Jayde bikini bottom, Lily floral bikini bottom

5. High-waisted cut

This high coverage style cinches you around the abdomen, which makes it a great choice for gorgeous gals that are a little self-conscious about their middle area. If you’re feeling a little bloated, this can also be a perfect way to tuck it all in for a smoother silhouette.

High-waisted style bikini bottoms are also a great option for ladies who love a bit of vintage style, as it calls to mind the beach stylings of the 50s and 60s Mad Men era. Paired with a balconette bikini top, you’ll totally be ready to reel in your own Don or Betty Draper for some post-beach hangs!

As seen on: Kylie bikini bottom, Ellie bikini bottom

Showcase Your Style

We believe swimwear is a wonderful way to showcase your style and confidence, so we encourage you to choose styles that work perfectly for you! Whether you’re a confident gal who can rock a Brazil cut, or the athletic type that loves the freedom of a mid-rise style, there’s definitely a bikini bottom out there that will work for you!

If you’re looking for ethically-made swimwear that perfectly blends both sustainability and style, check out our range of bikinis and one-piece swimsuits on our online shop today!

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