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Styelle Swim combines beauty, class and style into easy to wear bikinis and one pieces that you can walk out in with pride, knowing you wear your values.

We proudly wear the crown of being the first brand in Australia boasting Amni Soul Eco Fluity CO2 biodegradable fabric having launched it here in early 2017. With its exclusive quick dry patent, Fluity brings to light the importance of the end of life, making it easier than ever before to purchase your swimwear, guilt free.

Styelle-ish Approach

Sustainable Swimwear may sound cliché but let’s give it a thought. Humans are considered the most intelligent creatures in the world. Have you ever thought that makes us different than the others? Our mind and our freedom of choice. People have the power to process their surroundings and make decisions for themselves accordingly. We believe it is high time for humans all around the world to practically and actively analyse their environment and start reconsidering the choices we make.

The Styelle-ish approach is all about making conscious fashion choices. We have partnered with Upparel to be able to recycle old swimwear. We believe that it is our responsibility to keep our planet safe and continuing to take steps towards sustainable practices is the only way to do it.

Ditch the Plastic!

Since our launch in 2016, we have directed our efforts to produce sustainable, toxin-free biodegradable swimwear that is ethically sourced with a carbon positive and exploitation-free supply chain. This Styelle-ish approach will help you reduce plastic waste without compromising your looks and fashion. We will continue to push our efforts toward becoming the most sustainable brand possible.

Our fabricators with years of experience in textile development have seen us create our unique biodegradable swimwear. The fabric dye is certified toxin free (Oeko-Tex 100 Certification). We are proudly carbon positive through Greenfleet and One Tree Planted. We have already offset 3.40 tonnes of CO2-e with Greenfleet and plant a tree with every order via One Tree Planted. Partnering with Upparel, we have diverted 74.5kgs of textiles from landfill and prevented 260.75kgs of greenhouse gases.

Keep the Fashion Alive

Styelle Swim is best known for its fashion bikini articles. We believe in a sustainable fashion industry. Thereby, our every piece is uniquely crafted in-house and printed on virgin Amni Soul Eco fibres, that are specially designed to decompose within 10 years after being disposed in landfills. They are made with biodegradable polyamide 6.6 yarn which formula has been improved to produce biodegradable clothing.

Carbon Positive Supply Chain

Biodegradable swimwear boasts an average of 3-5 years life expectancy while being 30% biodegradable with the remaining 70% polyamide designed to decompose within 10 years. We are well aware of the never-ending learning cycle, therefore, we consistently push to find new ways to make Styelle more sustainable as each year passes.

We ensure to keep our supply chain carbon positive from raw materials, manufacturing processes, packaging to office setups and green web hosting. We aim to keep our environment and our oceans safe as a guarantee towards a better future.

The Styelle-Eco Impact

The styelle-ish fashion approach is also about fighting fast fashion. Here at Styelle Swim, we only produce exact quantities of swimwear we require (via wholesale orders), so as not to overproduce.

Styelle Swimwear was the first company to release biodegradable fabric into Australia. It is also recognised by Bank Australia as one of the most sustainable swim brands in the country. Moreover, we are proud to claim the APAC Insider award of “Best Sustainable Swimwear - Australia 2021”.

We can only bring the change and be the change by consciously making our choices.