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Swimwear trends throughout the years (and why we focus on timeless pieces)

Swimwear trends throughout the years (and why we focus on timeless pieces)

Just like any piece of fashion, swimwear has gone through some pretty significant changes throughout the years. Each decade – and even year – it seems like what’s on trend completely changes, leading many people to revamp their entire beach wardrobe, throwing away perfectly great clothing and swimwear. The notion of being ‘on-trend’ is a big contributor to ‘fast fashion’ and we don’t quite like the idea of being wasteful based on trends which are considered to be outdated. That’s why we focus on creating timeless, quality designs that are not only an ode to trends past, but will also look amazing in the years to come! In today’s post, we’re delving deeper into the trends of former decades, and how we’re using these trends as inspiration to create beautiful, long-lasting pieces that will stand the test of time.


The 60s saw the introduction of different materials, meaning swimwear became tighter and stretchier. Bikini bottoms featuring a high waists were increasingly popular and became more widely worn than the one-piece swimsuit that came before it. High wasted bottoms are still a favourite today and that’s why the Kylie Black Support High Top Bikini Bottom is one of our most popular designs! These bottoms really are a staple piece, their style and design will survive many decades of changing trends.


The 70s saw the emergence of higher cut bikinis and string tops – leading many women to show more of their midriff. Women became increasingly confident to show more skin, and this really was the decade where the classic bikini design was born. In our opinion, you can’t go past a classic piece and our Cataleya Classic Triangle Bikini Bottom and Top is a design that will really stand the test of time!


In a word, the 80s were all about one thing: colour. Bright patterns and neon colours were all the rage on and off the beach, and people swapped out their plain swimsuits for something a little more daring. While we might like to keep things a little more toned down these days, we always have to have a fun piece in our beach wardrobe – one that will continue to look vibrant and fun each summer. You can’t go past our Bella Rainbow Triangle Bikini Top and Bottom for that pop of colour that’s here to stay. This design will ensure that you’re pool-party ready!


The 90s saw the one-piece make a comeback – with a slight difference. The sides and bottoms became quite high cut, sitting just above the hipbones. This was quite a change from the past two decades, leading many to completely revamp their swimwear collection without a second thought. Unfortunately, many old swimsuits ended up being thrown out. Long-term, this landfill would’ve entered the environment and caused damage to our oceans and marine life. The Styelle Swim Heather One Piece is right on point with the 1990's and is 30% biodegradable - we promise, it won't fall off in the ocean though!


The 00s to now has really become the decade where anything goes! One trip to the beach and you’ll see everything from retro styles, to barely there G-string bikinis. We are all for wearing what you feel most confident in – as long as you can wear it again next summer! Unfortunately, swimsuits can be found for very low prices (and quality), meaning that many people don’t give a second thought to completely overhauling their summer wardrobe each beach season. While these very low priced pieces seem like a great idea at the time, the truth is that the way they are made and what they are made from, can be really harmful to the environment once disposed of.

Styelle Brings Timeless Trends

Here at Styelle Swim, we really want to focus on making you feel good while you look good. Our mission is to protect the planet and create a sustainable future – one where you still rock your swimsuit year after year! We are always trying to educate ourselves as well as our consumers on how we can all be more sustainable and environmentally friendly when it comes to fashion. We focus on creating pieces that are high quality, long-lasting but also ethical, from how they are made to the material used to create them. They will stand the test of time, no matter what decade it is or which decade swimwear trends are your go to!

If you have any questions regarding our timeless range of swimwear, or want more information on how we ethically create our products, please get in touch with us here.

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