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Swimwear from the beach to brunch and beyond!

Swimwear from the beach to brunch and beyond!

With Covid-19 restrictions lifting, winter half over and the weather getting warmer, we’re adding beach days to our weekend plans more and more often! Of course, this means figuring out what to wear to make our swimwear go from brunch to beach and vice versa. After all, what’s a day spent by the sandy shore without some avocado toast and mimosas beforehand, right?

So if you’re struggling to find ways to make your swimwear work for more than just the beach, read on!

1. Cute cover ups:

While a loose t-shirt and tracksuit pants are an effective way to cover up, they’re not quite a chic outfit choice for a brunch with the girls. Glam it up a little by wearing a loose cotton sundress or a simple white collared shirt with a front knot and pair this with some cute shorts. If you want more comfort without losing style points, even just tying a knot in your loose t-shirt and choosing a flowy skirt or linen pants (instead of tracksuit pants) can do the trick! If you want to make it easy, we’ve got a selection of clothes that would look perfect for any occasion.

  1. Add some bling:

This isn’t the time for heavy chandelier earrings and a tiara, but a little bit of bling can really amp up your outfit. Make a statement with a mixed selection of bangles on both your wrists, or keep it demure with a dainty earring and necklace combo. The key thing to remember here is that you want to inject a bit of your personality into your outfit. Don’t forget to take these off before taking a dip in the water - salt water isn’t great for your jewelry!

  1. Hat’s hot!

This is a simple tip, especially if your hair is a little wet and sandy from your salt water activities! Simply throw on a hat, and you’re ready to grab some post-beach drinks! There are so many options out there, so try out a few styles to see what beach to brunch style works best for you. Wide brim hats can do double duty as sun protection too. If hats aren’t your thing, bring a lightweight satin scarf and use it as a headband - bonus points if your scarf matches your outfit (and bikinis), of course.

  1. Hair me out:

If head gear isn’t your thing, bring some hair ties and bobby pins with you so you can style your hair a little. Mind you, don’t bother trying for a perfectly done hairdo - beach chic requires more of a relaxed vibe after all! Not sure how to style your beachy hair? A high ponytail or messy bun is perfect for all you long haired ladies. Girls with shorter tresses can try using a cute hair clip with hair pushed to the side, or even a messy half-updo. While you’re at it, make nature work for you by spritzing a bit of ocean water into your hair for texture.

  1. A little lippie goes a long way:

A full face of makeup might not be beach-appropriate, but who says you can’t add a little colour to your gorgeous face? There’s no need to bring your entire makeup bag - just one or two key items can really spruce up your look in just a couple of minutes. Our favourite trick for this is to use a lippie that can double as blush. For a little more drama, apply an eyeliner pencil to your waterline or even create a subtle smokey eye for dinner and drinks!

If you’re still looking for the perfect swimsuits to take on your weekend beach adventures, browse through our latest collections - you’re sure to find the perfect piece or two that will take you to the beach and beyond!

Swimwear from the Beach to Brunch

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