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How To Host The Perfect Pool Party!

How To Host The Perfect Pool Party!

Nothing says bring on summer like an amazing pool party! In Australia, the hot and sunny weekends throughout summer are plentiful – so we always need to mix it up and do something other than the beach. When a toasty weekend is forecast get your “How To Host The Perfect Pool Party!” guide ready and make the most of it!

To help you prepare and be ready to host the pool party everyone will be talking about for the rest of the summer, here are some go to tips to kick things off! You want to guarantee everyone will have an amazing time, and make sure your pool party is the one they’ll be asking about again next year.

1: Set the scene

The pool will be the centrepiece of your party, so make sure you showcase it! Brightly coloured or white sun lounges should be lined up across one side of the pool. Put some fun towels and cushions across each one in an inviting manner - then have inflatables already placed in the pool to encourage people to hop in and splash around if they wish.

Think about your colour scheme, how will it work with your yard and what vibe will it give your party? Also consider some lighting around the pool to keep the atmosphere fun and lively once the sun goes down.

Alfresco or under cover areas also create a great relaxing vibe and beanbags make a perfect accompaniment for them. Decorate the area with rugs and cushions to really emphasise a chilled atmosphere. This spot is perfect for your guests that prefer to chill.

Lastly, create a space for your guests to dance. Create a clear area separate from the pool, but close to the music, so people can dance into the night!

2: Entertainment

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love inflatables? Forget the traditional rubber rings and pool noodles. What is hot this year? Trending this year are flamingos, avocados, watermelons, pineapples and unicorns. Take your pool party to a new level this summer with the hottest inflatables from Island Living Australia. They also have inflatable cup holders for only $24.95 if you want something a little subtler for your look.

Your playlist can make or break your party. Make sure you have the playlist perfected and ready to go on more than one device, just in case. Also ensure that your guests will be able to hear the music in all the areas you expect them to be.

Don’t be afraid to mix up the music depending on how your guests are feeling, and what the vibe is like. Ensuring your guests are happy is your most important duty.

3: Food and Drink

Having some cold and fresh drinks for your guests on arrival is a great way to make them feel welcome. Some light wine and spritzers or an imported beer are perfect drinks to kick off the pool party. If your party starts late afternoon, save the tequila for later!

Make sure you have an esky or two placed around with ice and drinks inside. Place a table next to them with some plastic champagne flutes and cups on it for the bottle drinks. Also, its important to consider those who may not fancy alcoholic beverages so put out some pink lemonade, iced tea or some flavoured water.

Don’t forget, it’s not a pool party without some delicious summer food – and its not an Aussie pool party without a bbq! Char grill easy to eat finger foods like mini chicken drumsticks or lamb skewers with capsicum decoration. Serve easy food recipes along side your bbq such as mezze boards, a variety of salads and also salsas served with chips and/or vegetable sticks. Light and healthy food like these dishes are the perfect accompaniment to your party!

4: Leave a lasting impression

Okay, so we all love social media! But use it to your advantage and create your own Snapchat filter or personalised Instagram frame so your guests can share their experiences! That way you can relive your party through the eyes of your guests. You could even setup a pic spot in your yard for everyone to use as their backdrop – think outside the box and do big chair with a custom made pillow of your name and the year for your guests to hold.

Personalised social media props will not only ensure your party is spoken about throughout the summer, but it will mean you will have a large collection of memories to always look back on. Not just from your experience but your guests’ favourite parts too!

And last, but certainly not least, you MUST have the perfect bikini for when you jump in the pool! Shop your Styelle now >>

Thanks for reading our post "How To Host The Perfect Pool Party!" We would love to hear about your pool party adventures and how you would Styelle your backyard so please comment below.

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