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Meet The Team here at Styelle Swim

Meet The Team here at Styelle Swim

At Styelle Swim we pride ourselves on our wonderful driven team who all share the motivation of educating and providing sustainable forever fashion in this fast-paced culture. Today we wanted to get a little more personal with you and let you get to know our mighty small team behind the business. 





Charys Caldarella

Founder & CEO

Charys grew in in Penrith in Western Sydney experiencing a tough upbringing in a rough suburb that made her who she is today. Embarking on her fashion career in her mid-teens, she began working at several boutique stores while attending the internationally renowned FBI Fashion College. She would often spend time sewing with her Grandma and always had an eye for design, it was just a matter of time before developing that passion into her own business. Studying under the incredible couturier, Celyna Ziolkowski, she grew a keen interest in swimwear post-college, and so, Styelle was born. In her free time, you can find Charys travelling, relaxing and resting on the beach or spending time with her children.


What was your initial motivation for starting Styelle Swim?

“The need for a change in the way the world produces one of the most wasteful garments. I love seeing women feel amazingly comfortable in their own skin and walk out with confidence. It gives me a buzz to see!”


What is your role here? 

As CEO, Creative Director and Head Designer, I am the Jack of all trades and constantly adapting to the changes of being a small sustainable business owner, wearing different hats, every day is different.”

What do you love most about being at Styelle? 

“Working with my husband and our incredible team. I don’t know what I would do with out them!”


What does your ideal day look like in a Styelle Swimsuit?

“Definitely Maldives level views and premium comfort but lots to do that isn’t too far away like Greece or Italy. I am very adventurous and have a lot of energy so needs to have access to plenty of different things around me.”


What are your hopes for the future of fashion? 

“That the consumer hits the reset button on their buying habits and that brands and companies restructure the way they operate. I know it’s a lot to hope for, but also the fall of Shein, that would be a dream come true.”



Shane Rizkallah


Growing up in Inner-West Sydney, Shane had a very typical Middle Eastern upbringing surrounded by a crazy family, love and lots of food. A born entrepreneur, he has owned businesses all his professional life, his second passion in the film industry where he won the title of Australia’s youngest film distributor in 2017. In his spare time you will find Shane soaking up time with his family.

What was your initial motivation for starting Styelle Swim?

“Charys’ passion and excitement to change the world is infectious. The way she talks about all the good we do - she has the purest heart and only looks to make things better - doesn’t matter what it is - and she’ll work tirelessly until it’s as good as it can get.”


What is your role here?

“I oversee finance and investment in Styelle, ensuring that we stay within budget and on schedule.”


What do you love most about working at Styelle Swim?

“Working with Charys everyday has to be my favourite part. Not just because she’s my wife, but we are best friends and I see her light up with all the goodness Styelle does in the world.”


What does your ideal day look like in your Styelle Swimsuit?

“Not that anyone would want to see me in a swimsuit haha! My perfect day would be at the beach with Charys and our three little ones. The big ones are too cool to hang out with us anymore.”


What are your hopes for the future of fashion?

“I hope that the sustainable movement continues to grow and we can continue to be pioneers in the field, giving women a better options.”




Georgia Leigh Rhodes

Contributing Writer & Junior Sub-Editor

Georgia is based in the North of the UK far from London but that doesn’t stop her with her self-drive and passion. Graduating in Fashion Marketing with a First Class Honours she is now embarking on her Masters with UAL and part of the prestigious program as a Women@Dior Mentee. With bylines in publications from Elle to Harper’s Bazaar, Georgia loves delving into sustainable reports and lifestyle blogs here at Styelle Swim. In her free time, you will find Georgia knitting with a cup of tea (yes she is literally an old lady) or spending time with her family.


What pulled you towards Styelle Swim initially?

“I was actually interviewing Charys for another swimwear-focused blog at the start of my freelancing career, in just that one call I could feel her passion from across the world and she taught me so much and opened my eyes. When speaking with her she was so authentic and truly passionate about change, I remember admiring her so much, I was beyond honoured when she asked me to join the team.”


What is your role here?

“I pitch all our blog content to our Founder Charys and manage the editorial calendars while tracking our analytics to make informed decisions on content. From that, I write the articles from in-depth sustainable reports and research to fun lifestyle content while editing and publishing pieces to our live website.”


What do you love most about being at Styelle Swim?

“Having such a kind leader like Charys who truly wants the best for you and her team is the biggest blessing in a work environment. It is so incredible to work with individuals who are all equally as passionate about change and gaining such exciting responsibilities while seeing what truly goes on to create a sustainable brand in 2023.”


What does your ideal day look like in your Styelle Swimsuit?

“It has to be my Sunday afternoons spent at my gym’s pool and sauna, feeling entirely relaxed and rest for the week, taking time for yourself is so important.”


What are your hopes for the future of fashion?

“We have lost all love for our clothes, a future where we shop intentionally and consciously buying garments that fill us with excitement and buying better not ‘cheaper’. Simply, that fashion slows down. The consumer has become brainwashed into thinking that overconsumption and cheap prices for clothing is ‘normal’. I love how at Styelle we focus on educating our audience on the truth behind the garments to help break this pattern.”




Skye Bradley

Social Media Manager

Skye is a graduate of Fashion Design and the Social Media Manager here at Styelle Swim. She has always had a passion for being creative and often finds herself exploring new ways to showcase her skills. After quickly discovering her love of the social media side of the industry, her role here allows her to express her creativity in industry and discover the pathway she is destined for. 

What was your initial motivation for joining Styelle Swim?

“After learning about Styelle’s values and how hard they work to support a sustainable future, I was hooked! I knew there would be an opportunity to learn and develop my understanding of an ethical fashion market. I am so happy to be a part of Styelle and help share their message!”


What is your role here?

“My role involves managing all social media content and distribution, from prepping each post to ensure it goes out on time.”

What do you love most about working at Styelle Swim?

“I love that my work feels meaningful. Not only are we trying to make a difference and prove fashion can be sustainable, but we are also spreading the message of self-love. Working for a company that values and supports women is so important to me, and Styelle does exactly that! We want you to feel like your confident self. One of the most important things for me is that I feel I am supported by my colleagues. This makes my experience at Styelle even more enjoyable, knowing I have made friendships and work within a positive environment!”


Which Styelle swimsuit best represents you?

“Arielle! I love to get the most out of everything I do and feel as though the Arielle one-piece is the same! Arielle doesn’t have to be worn as just a swimsuit, she can be worn for beach days and cocktails on an evening!”

What are your hopes for the future of fashion?

“I hope the fashion industry strives towards lessening its social and environmental impact on the planet. I really hope that people pay more attention to how their clothes are being produced.”





Amy Colllins

Marketing Intern

Amy is based in the UK, originally from a small town up North, she moved down to Leeds Beckett University to pursue her dream of a fashion marketing carer and push herself out of her comfort zone. Now she is pursuing her degree surrounded by determined individuals while sharing her energy with those with similar goals, (something incredibly important to her). Amy has a keen eye and passion for sustainability and showcases this throughout her role and university work. In her free time, you will find Amy walking her two gorgeous sausage dogs along the beach or spending time with her loved ones.


What was your initial motivation for joining Styelle Swim?

“I joined Styelle Swim because I wanted more experience in the fashion industry, and I felt Styelle really matched my values. I love their efforts towards a regenerative future and looking after our planet through their sustainable production. This is also something that pulled me towards them as a brand.”


What is your role here?

“My role at Styelle consists of delving into the brand and creating marketing techniques that can be used to help the business to grow. Whilst I have been here, I have created marketing plans and timelines that Styelle can follow. I have also rebranded and restyled their catalogue and marketing materials. Day to day consists of chatting with Charys, and getting the best mentoring from her for me to grow both professionally and personally in my practice.”

What do you love most about working at Styelle Swim?

“I love the support that Charys offers to me throughout my work here. She is a great mentor, teaching me all the right skills that I need in the industry.”


What does your ideal day look like in your Styelle Swimsuit?

“I think my ideal day in a swimsuit would be a day at a pretty beach club on a hot coast with some amazing company, eating the tastiest food and dancing the full day!”


What are your hopes for the future of fashion?

“My hopes for the future of fashion revolve around the idea of circularity. I hope for the fashion industry to move towards more circular materials and styles so that we can continue to mend the climate crisis issue. I feel that we all need to make a continuous effort towards this through our fashion choices.”

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