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The Ultimate Guide to Bikini Top Styles

The Ultimate Guide to Bikini Top Styles

Nothing quite represents summertime the way a bikini does! Perfect for lounging under the sun and taking a dip in the water, bikinis are versatile, fun, and the best uniform to wear all summer long. Both fashionable and functional, bikinis are a must-have in any sun-lover’s wardrobe.

But sometimes it can be tough to choose a bikini top that’s right for you. There are so many options out there, each one flattering for certain body types and best suited for certain occasions. So which one should you choose?

We want to make your bikini shopping a little easier, so we’ve prepared a handy guide to 8 bikini top styles so you can choose one (or a few) that suits you best. Read on to discover more in our ultimate guide to bikini top styles!

Types of bikini top styles

1. Triangle

This classic style originally hit the mainstream in the early 2000s thanks to the slew of LA “it” girls who would don this style and get papped while on the beach. Before that time, you’d be hard pressed to find images of celebrity off-duty fashion, but thanks to the magic of the then-new celeb gossip blogs on the Internet, we finally had an insight to what these young women were wearing while frolicking on the beach. And we loved it!

This bikini top style is perfect for those who want minimal tan lines, especially paired with Brazil cut or cheeky cut bottoms. It’s also a really versatile look, as you can adjust the triangle sections to show more or less skin, depending on what you prefer.

It should be noted, however, that triangle bikini tops work best with small to medium sized busts. This style does not provide adequate support for those with larger chests who may need more support and coverage, so definitely take that into consideration!

As seen on: Charlotte Pink Tie Front Top, Kendall Ruffled Bikini Top, and Lina Rainforest Triangle Top

2. Bandeau

If zero tan lines on your shoulder is your ultimate goal each summer, you need to get yourself some bandeau bikinis! This strapless style really shows off your collarbone and shoulders, allowing a lot of freedom of movement and, of course, a complete absence of tan lines in the area too.

Best suited to small and medium busts, bandeau bikini tops may or may not contain any underwire support. If you need a bit of a boost, then definitely look for bandeau bikinis with underwire. The simple lines of this bikini top is best paired with bikini bottoms that make a statement with side ties or tri-side straps.

As seen on: Danielle Black Support Eco Bikini Top and Lola Underwire Support Bikini Top

3. Underwire

If your bust needs a boost, this one’s for you! We lose volume in our busts due to various factors, including age, pregnancy, and breastfeeding. If any of these factors have resulted in increased sagging in the area, having underwire support in a bikini will help subtly alter the volume distribution around your bosom to make it a little more even. It’s also helpful if you have a smaller chest and want to have a little bit more cleavage.

This style is suited for a broad range of chest sizes, but we would encourage you to find a style with straps if you have a larger bosom and require additional support. Even smaller sizes can benefit from certain strap styles in addition to underwire. In fact, halter style straps can aid in the illusion of a cleavage even for the smallest chest sizes!

As seen on: Lily Floral Balconette Top and Scarlett Luxe Balconette Top

4. Balconette

Elegant and chic, this style of bikini is perfect for those that want a little more coverage while still looking oh-so-sultry. Featuring a half-cup or demi-cup design, balconette bikinis usually include underwire for more lift and support.

A balconette bikini top style is also perfect for dressier occasions because it has a little more structure. It even has enough coverage to pull double duty as a bralette style top, which means that it’ll take you through the day and various activities (like brunch, for example) with just a little bit more styling.

As seen on: Dani Support Bikini Top and Jayde Balconette Bikini Top

5. Support

We all need a little extra support sometimes. That’s where support bikini top styles can help! The best thing about this style of bikini is that it is designed to be both stylish and supportive, with a focus on creating a flattering silhouette without obvious structural elements to take away from the illusion. That’s because these bikini tops contain hidden cup support!

Support style bikini tops are perfect for those with larger busts who don’t want to settle for full coverage and often frumpy styles. Comfortable and stylish at the same time, this style is definitely worth exploring if you’d like to wear more fashionable tops but still need the added support.

As seen on: Anja Black Support Bikini Top and Christena Rainbow Support Bikini Top

6. Long sleeve

Now more than ever, there’s more awareness surrounding sun safety. A long-sleeve bikini top gives your arms, shoulders, and upper back some much-needed coverage from the sun. The long sleeves also create a slimming silhouette around the arms if it’s something you feel self-conscious about.

Another bonus to these long sleeve bikini tops is that they are modest enough to wear on their own even when you’re not planning on a swim! We don’t know about you, but we love having versatile pieces in our wardrobe, especially when we’re planning a holiday to a warm destination and want to travel light.

As seen on: Ellie Black Tropical Eco L/S Top and Holly Blue Shine Eco L/S Top

7. Crop style

Popular among fashion fans of all ages, crop tops have seen a massive rise in popularity. Why not take this edgy style to the pool too? If you’d like more modest coverage, you can pair it with high-waisted bikini bottoms. However, if you’re a little more adventurous, pair it with scrunch cut bikini bottoms to achieve the ever popular hourglass silhouette.

Crop style bikini tops are also great if you’d like to keep styling at a minimum, as they can easily be used as a regular top as well. This also means that you don’t have to bother with covering up as you go about your day. As a bonus, you’d be ready to hop into the nearest ocean or pool any time you please!

As seen on: Ellie Black Tropical Eco L/S Top and Holly Blue Shine Eco L/S Top

8. Convertible

Convertible bikini tops simply mean that you can remove or adjust the bikini to achieve different looks. The most common functionality is removable straps that can turn any style of bikini into a bandeau style bikini. Some may even include adjustable straps where you can change the length to create a halter or cross back bikini strap style.

The versatility of this bikini top style is what makes it so popular. If you’re the type to opt for pieces that can be used a variety of ways, then you should consider adding convertible bikini tops to your wardrobe!

As seen on: Kylie Black Support Bikini Top and Lola Underwire Support Bikini Top

Find the best bikini top style for you!

When choosing your ideal bikini top, you need to consider your personal style and body type. You should also give some thought about what type of style you’d be most comfortable wearing, because confidence is the key to making any look work!

Bikini tops in solid colours are a versatile option and will quickly become a staple in any wardrobe, but don’t avoid patterns altogether. Some patterns, including florals and geometric motifs, can work surprisingly well when paired with plain bottoms. Just have fun with it, and don’t be afraid to mix and match.

Have a look at our range of bikini tops to find the right one for you today! Don’t forget to use our bikini bottom guide too - it’ll help you put together the perfect bikini combo to make you shine all year round!


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