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Australia is filled with secluded hidden beach spots dotted around the continent. From the top sequestered swimming holes to the whitest fine sand you've ever seen, these beaches are one of Aussie’s best-kept secrets. With summer arising before our very eyes, it’s time to take out our beach hats and head to the shore. While it is no secret that our nation is thought to be the home to the best beaches in the world, these hidden ones will leave you feeling stunned for a quiet getaway.

Rainbow Beach in Queensland

Walk across the sand, rippled with beauty in their sand dunes. With a small population, this is the place for the ultimate quiet getaway, burrowed between Fraser Island and Cooloola National Park. Explore the rainforest adjacent to the beautiful sand dunes or take a glance at the mesmerizing rainbow hues on the coast's cliffs.

Lake McKenzie in Queensland

Lake McKenzie is actually called a perched lake which in fact means it only contains rainwater. Unlike any other beach, It doesn't flow into the ocean or is fed into by streams. Experience pure, white silica sand, which is soft like no other to walk on. The beauty of this beach is undeniable in such a secluded wondrous location.

Avalon Beach in New South Wales

Heads up to the surfers, this is the beach for you. Avalon has become the destination of choice for those adopting the surfer life, with a triangle-shaped sandbank close by to the ocean rock pool to create a mix of waves perfect for surfing.

Lake Rhona in Tasmania

This hidden gem is located deep within a wild national park on a mountain pass. Yes, you read that right. Situated deep in the mountains, the hike is worth all the sweat when you lay your eyes upon white sand surrounded by colossal pinnacles.

Bull Pup Beach in New South Wales

This quiet south-facing coastline is filled with wildlife and nature, set on a special cultural land that is respected. One for those who love an adventure surrounding themselves with sun, sea, and nature.

Lobster Jacks Beach

Hidden in the edge of trees and steep cliffs, the blue sea is really what catches your eye. This spot is actually a popular place for whale watching from the lighthouse.

Singing Stones Beach

Ever heard of a beach that’s rumoured to sing? Us neither. This secluded pebble cove is where the immense pebbles sing when toppled by the ocean's waves. Made of hard minerals that help to conduct the sound, this is a truly unique beach.

Honeymoon Bay

It doesn't become a quieter getaway than this. The Honeymoon Bay is a small comforting bay with the most picturesque scenery. This incredible beach offers snorkelling, camping, and more for the ultimate cosy summer day.

Stokes Bay in South Australia

This beach is tucked between ginormous boulders, hidden in the south of Australia. The sea has never looked so clear, upon this secluded sand surrounded by rocks.

Elephant Rocks in Western Australia

This natural rock formation will blow your mind. Filled with colossal boulders resembling a herd of elephants, this beautiful beach is certainly worth the trip. This hidden beach even has its own elephant cove, descending down a staircase to watch the waves between two towering boulders for an unimaginable view.

Bindijinee beach

Backing on to exquisite bushland, the beach is based in Beecroft Peninsula. With stunning views, this hidden gem even features a small jetty to glance upon.

Childers Cove in Victoria

Hidden deep in a Shipwreck on the coast of Victoria, the cove is enclosed by limestone stacks. This enclosed sandy beach has the most beautiful ocean.

Emily Bay Lagoon in Norfolk Island

This hidden beach is in the depths of towering trees, located in the world heritage listed area, Kingston. The crystal-clear water is worth the journey, home to corals and fish. The reefed lagoon is perfect for a dip in the water and a day out snorkelling.

No matter where you're heading this summer, don't forget your Sunbutter Sunscreen and your Styelle Swim xx

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