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Here’s what to pack for your sustainable summer holiday

Here’s what to pack for your sustainable summer holiday

If you’re trying to be more sustainable this year, then us here at Styelle are here to support you in the journey. Packing for your holidays can lead to wasteful and unnecessary shopping so we put together this guide to help you know how to prep and pack for your summer break so you can relax even in the stress-led packing process. 

Styelle Swim Bikinis

Made entirely from sustainable materials, our bikinis are the perfect ethical choice to pack for your beach holiday. Timeless designs you will want to wear over and over again for years and years to come, you will always look forward to packing these in your suitcase. Not to mention the fabric is also Fluity co2 biodegradable, it doesn’t get more sustainable than that. 

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Face cloth over wipes

Face cloth over wipes Opt for an eco-friendly reusable cleansing cloth to your night-time skincare routine over wasteful disposable makeup wipes. Not only are the majority of makeup remover wipes not biodegradable they are also not good for your skin. When switching to a reusable cloth, you’re not only helping to save the planet but also your skin. Here at Styelle Swim we’re obsessed with Merindah Botanicals Eco Makeup cloth because you can wash it and use it over and over again. It removes waterproof mascara, sunscreen and all kinds of makeup, from blush to foundation.

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Refillable containers for all your shower goodies

Rather than going to your local supermarket to pick up those mini shampoos and shower gels that you will only bin after a few uses why not buy some refillable containers? Not only do you then get to use your usual shower routine away from home without lugging around the huge bottles rather than having to choose whatever’s available at the counter, you also get to continue to reuse these bottles trip after trip.

 We love Biome for refillable containers

Reef Safe Sunscreen

Chemical sunscreens can harm these reefs by impairing their growth, so why not switch up your sunscreen for a reef safe option when jetting to your next holiday. Choosing a sunscreen that is good for the planet is a great way to pack more sustainably and consciously and we know the perfect place to start. Sunbutter sunscreens include all the ingredients that are good for you and the sea. 

 Sunbutter feels amazing > Shop Now

Sustainable towels

Don’t feel the need to excessively purchase new things when it comes to prepping for your holiday. You don’t need a new beach towel every year! Shop better for items that last longer. If you are in need of a new beach towel, BIANA is a great option. Made from 100% organic cotton, BAINA towels are manufactured in Portugal and renowned for their high-quality textiles. 

 Check out Baina

Sustainable sunglasses

We all know plastic is bad for the environment, yet we forget that is what most sunglasses are created from. Go for a style that suits you and stick to it. Remind yourself that overconsumption is something we must unlearn as sustainable beings and no marketing trick can change that. When shopping in the future look for zero waste options such as LE Specs sustainable range.. Made from recycled PET plastic, the Australian-born brand is pioneering eco and environmentally aware eyewear.

 Le Specs have been around since 1979

Second-hand shop for summer

Nothing is more exciting that your summer shop for your next holiday trip, putting together outfit plans and trying on new clothes. However to take a sustainable approach, re use last year’s clothes and style them in a new way and head to your local charity shops to give old clothes a new breath of life this summer.

 We love The Closet

Bamboo toothbrush

Many of us are guilty to purchasing a one-time holiday toothbrush instead of lugging across the globe our electric brush and charger. So this year why not reduce that waste and pick up a bamboo toothbrush to reuse. Let’s eliminate that plastic waste together. 

Bamkiki has a style for everyone

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