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Why we take a different approach to Black Friday Sales

Why we take a different approach to Black Friday Sales

Thousands of people rush to shop for the lowest prices, drawn in by the big sale markdowns and the fear of missing out on steal deals. All consideration of if they will use the products or have they ever even desired them before they hit the sale goes out of the window. Plenty of these garments end up in landfill with people drawn in the price tag to never be worn again.

This year Styelle Swim are taking a different approach to encouraging people to shop sustainably and make sustainable clothing more affordable.

We know many people who hold sustainable values can struggle to afford the price point of sustainable clothing. Within our Black Friday sale, we hope to give those with ethical values who can’t always drop hundreds of dollars on clothing, the opportunity to shop mindfully for the sustainable pieces they love.

With our sale, we encourage people to only buy what they need or truly believe they will continuously wear a timeless item they are in love with. We hold the value of only purchasing something if you need it, remember when consuming this weekend to not fall into the trap of the 70% off signs or the limited deal only today. If you weren’t thinking about it before this weekend, it’s likely you truly don’t even want it. It’s easy for fast fashion companies to manipulate us into becoming reckless shoppers with a wardrobe full of one-time worn garments, but we can learn to consciously shop and block out the noise even during the biggest sales of the year.

So this Black Friday, Styelle Swim will be offering a deal of, full priced items for 50% off your total in the checkout. Let’s take these excessive sales from landfills to accessible sustainable shopping.

Want a sneak peek of what to expect in our sustainable sale? Here are just a few of the styles you can shop this weekend to make your wardrobe a collection of re-wearable, sustainable, timeless styles that you will never get bored of. That’s the luxury of Styelle Swim. We hope this weekend opens our environmentally-friendly price points to those who can’t always afford to shop for sustainable fabrics and show them the quality. We hope to make sustainable swimwear accessible to all.

Quinn Forest Bikini

Simple yet sophisticated, this two-piece is created in the silkiest soft fabric with removable gold leaf hardware to dress up or down your swim look. This statement piece complements every body type and is offered in the most glorious green, a timeless colour for your forever wardrobe. Did I mention it was made from premium biodegradable fabric?

Helene One Piece

This cheeky one-piece features a low cut back and scoop neckline splashed in a tropical print. One of our many certified toxin-free swimsuits, good for you and your skin and the ocean. This statement piece will take centre strange in your swimwear collection. You know that swimsuit you just want to wear over and over again? This will be your go-to for every swim occasion.

Olivia One Piece

Created from biodegradable fabric, this is quality you can’t beat. This luxurious buttery swimsuit is the sexy piece that will give you an instant confidence boost. Beautiful on every single body, the halter neck line and the belted waist goes hand in hand with the high-cut leg.

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