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Celebrating Styelle Swim: How we are making an impact for the future

Celebrating Styelle Swim: How we are making an impact for the future

It’s time to celebrate all things Styelle as we mark our seventh year of not only swimwear but of building this conscious community. Without you, there is no Styelle. Built for fashion-forward ocean lovers we are committed to providing an ethical and sustainable swimwear option while making an impact for the future of the fashion industry to drive change on unprecedented environmental effects of fashion, marine life suffering, overconsumption mindsets, air pollution and well so much more. So here is a rundown of ALL the ways Styelle Swim is trying to change the industry for the better…

Use of MMC Fibers

You could call us sustainable trend starters, while the rise in use of MMC fibers has become the next ‘sustainable trend’, here at Styelle Swim we have been experimenting and using them in our luxury swimwear designs sine 2014.

Reducing Air Pollution

Styelle Swim is dedicated to maintaining the health of our oceans, which is why we contribute to reducing air pollution in any way we can. Simply crafting our swimwear only using Amni Soul Eco this way the plan-based fiber will biodegrade by 30% while the remaining 70% will entirely decompose within a decade after discarding, meaning it will not be sat in landfills long after we are gone.

The Styelle-Eco Impact

Actively fighting against fast fashion to avoid overproduction, we only produce the exact quantities of swimwear we require to consciously avoid overstock or promote overconsumption over seasonal sales with overstock.

Proudly Carbon Positive

Environmental neutrality simply is not enough for us, we are certified carbon positive. Refusing to take shortcuts, we only want the best for our consumers and the environment, reestablishing meaningful connections with our clothes, we continuously offset tons of carbon, plant a tree for every single order taken, keep our supply chain remains short, and ensure our artisans are in 100% ethical working conditions with living wages, (something our Founder consistently checks up on).

Swimwear that is a Dream to Wear

With a focus on quality over quantity and timeless over seasonal, Styelle Swim carefully curates and designs each garment with the intention that this piece will last a lifetime not a season in style and quality with our specially couture-trained Lead Designer and Creative Director who has input every step of the way.

Reduce Marine Life Risk

As the first Australian fashion business to introduce and consistently utilise super soft, Oeko-Tex certified, premium-dyed material our fabrics and manufacturing process does not emit any toxic gasses or any further risk to marine life once worn in the ocean. We put care into our garments each step of the way for the ocean, the environment and you.

Providing the Styelle-ish Approach

We use our platform as a fashion business to not only offer a sustainable swimwear option but to also educate and share the Styelle-ish approach through our blog, website, social media and more. The Styelle-ish approach is all about making conscious fashion choices. We have the power to make our own choices and what we choose to support, it is time we learned more about our clothing purchasing choices and became conscious shoppers considering our impact as a society. While here at Styelle Swim we teach you all about this, we also partner with Upparel to recycle old swimwear and take on our responsibility to keep the planet safer through any sustainable practices we can.



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