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The best sustainable moments of fashion month 2023

The best sustainable moments of fashion month 2023

Fashion week is officially upon us (again) with designer luxury paving the way for the season with its ready to wear lines. But more noticeably, Styelle is here to point out which infamous fashion houses took sustainable initiatives to the catwalk this season. With the Fashion Revolutions annual Transparency Index showcasing luxury as the leaders of transparency of 2023 such as Miu Miu and Prada paving the way (it’s a shame the rest of the industry isn’t following in their footsteps), let's take a look at the luxury leaders of sustainability on the runway following the close of another hectic yet enthralling fashion month...

It's obvious that previous fashion months have left us disheartened when it comes to addressing crucial sustainable issues apart from the luxury womenswear advocates who are setting the bar alone each year, we're looking at you Stella McCartney. We were left this season again with avoidance, and lack of acknowledgement for environmental practises on the catwalk, but why is there still hesitance to strut sustainability down the runway, if actions are truly taking place in the corporate sectors of the luxury fashion realm?

While most luxury labels vouch for sustainability continues to go radio silent during fashion month, we're here to celebrate those eco-minded leaders showcasing hope...

Prototypes upcycled commitment from the start

The edgy, youth-focused brand burst onto the Parisian scene with their avant-garde looks, with one sole focus; everything is upcycled and nothing is new. Their original ethos carries with them onto the catwalk, decoding and repurposing garments into runway ready pieces, playing with the fun of fashion.

McCartney's seaweed strut

British powerhouse Stella McCartney never fails to lead the way as our favourite fashion eco-friendly pioneer, there is nothing she can't innovate to show the industry how its done. This time during Paris Fashion Week she took seaweed to the runway, yes you read that right, seaweed. Consistently working to craft new and explorative techniques and fabrics, now she has curated a seaweed-based fibre with an immense effect, producing much lower carob footprint than conventional fibres. As fashions known eco-friendly advocate, she sent this innovative 'Kelsun' fabric down the catwalk in the form of crochet dresses.


Maria McManus embodied transparency this season

Showcasing her SS24 collection at New York Fashion Week, McManus ended her show with a dedicated moment of full transparency. After leaving her audience in awe of her garments, she entered the runway herself, yet not just for a wave. The eco-positive designer came out and enthralled her guests with the information on the fabrics used to create each design and her ethical commitments throughout. She truly paved the way for showing what goes into the the runway collection and the importance of having these conversations on what goes into producing the garments, further showcasing the importance of sustainability on a personal level.

Canadiani's denim dream

Milan Fashion Week closed its doors with its annual, Camera Della Moda’s Sustainable Fashion Awards. The Italian fashion pioneers gathered to celebrate those spearheading sustainable and ethical change in the fashion industry through their innovative designs. Candiani was a notable winner, known for its production of of biodegradable denim, aiming to improve with each release. A fabric that is usually incredible harmful to our environment with its use of harmful chemicals, Canadiani are truly making moves for change. Their innovation of COREVA™ allows denim to enter a never ending life cycle, winning them The Groudbreaker Award for their commitment to circular economy.

It's clear Paris designers took the lead this season, but here in Australia we at Styelle Swim never stop thinking eco-consciously. Styelle Swim continues to align itself with the current setting through its consistent sustainable initiatives on and off the runway. As a luxury label ourselves de-influencing overconsumption, we have effortlessly pre-empted the industry's fast-paced changes (while the wide industry should focus on slowing down) and adapted accordingly to consumers and environmental expectations, always aiming to improve ourselves as an ethical luxury label.

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