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Vegan Pool Party Snacks For Your Summer Get Togethers

Vegan Pool Party Snacks For Your Summer Get Togethers

Summer is heading our way, which means pool parties are back and we couldn’t be more excited. So we are here to help you be the hostess with mostest or be the guest with the bestest contribution. A vegan lifestyle is increasingly becoming a popular diet, and we should no longer have the limited mindset of assuming people are all meat and diary consumers in 2022. While you might know everyone attending is in fact a non-vegan, there is no harm in putting some snacks out there and seeing those reactions. Whether you are putting on a vegan fest or simply incorporating some options for the sake of the environment and tasty goodness, we have some top options for you. So if you are vegan or not we can all enjoy these tasty poolside snacks. Who said vegan food needed to be boring? You will want to recreate these recipes time and time again.

A hummus dipping board

You can’t go wrong with a dipping board with something for everyone. Serve up with a colourful range of dippers from sliced carrots, beetroot, cucumber, or breadsticks. You can also mix up your humus selection from chickpea to chilli.

Chickpea Bruschetta with sundried tomatoes

An easy snack to make and devour. Simply rub some garlic cloves on your toasted bread of choice, then mix your bruschetta from chickpeas, sundried tomatoes, parsley, and virgin olive oil from a flavourful packed bite. Once your bruschetta is mixed you’re ready to serve. It really is that easy for something so delicious.

Vegan Tzatziki

A 10-minute wonder. Simply slice a cucumber straight down the middle vertically, then scoop out the insides. Once you have all the insides, pop this into sieve and retract out the cucumber water. Once you have this mix it in a bowl with lemon, dill, olive oil, garlic and unsweetened coconut yogurt with a pinch of salt and pepper. Once stirred simply taste test and see what needs adding more of. Then serve alongside pitta bread for a light snack by the pool.

Sweet Potato Appetizer Bites

A recipe from love and lemons, they explore a plant-based take on a tuna tartare by replacing the fish with diced avocado for a tasty vegan snack. The mi of crunch and cream will have your guests devouring the plate, not to mention they look aesthetically pleasing. Easily slice sweet potatoes into thin circles and roast for 35 minutes flipping between, then mix in a bowl, mustard, onion, sesame oil, avocado, and lemon juice. Finally, place the mixture on top of the potato slices.

Lemon and lime vegan tarts

Don’t you love it when baking prep is only 15 minutes? These wonderful little vegan tarts are that simple. And what is a more refreshing taste than lemon and lime in the sun? Mixing together a base of pistachios, almonds, and coconut in a blender. While the topping is blended with coconut cream, lemon, and lime with a touch of sweet maple syrup.

Black bean, avocado, and lettuce wraps

It doesn’t get easier than this. Mix together beans, tomato, cucumber , avocado and coriander in a bowl under blended together. After this whisk together fresh lime juice, olive oil and paprika then join the two mixtures together and lay on your lettuce wrap.


Add a little bit of spice to your pool party spread. These jalapeno poppers are filled with cashew cream and breaded in a gluten-free crispy coating. Start by scooping out the flesh from your jalapenos and filling them with cashew cream. Then coat them in aquafab before layering on the flour mixture and they’re ready to fry.

Of course don’t forget to serve up some refreshing drinks from ice cold water to fresh fruit juice.

Don't forget to pick up your favourite vegan bikini to really dazzle your guests!

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