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10 Pool Day Hairstyles To Transform Any Look

10 Pool Day Hairstyles To Transform Any Look

While we might love a classic beach wave, this is not always a practical hairstyle when it comes to dipping in the pool or swimming in the ocean. Our hair goes through a lot from chlorine chemicals to salt and sand, so adding heat daily for a beachy wave is not the best idea. But that doesn't mean your hairstyles have to be boring, we have the best beach hairstyles to not only keep your hair in place all day long but also keep your hair pool proof so you can dive in the water knowing your hair will still look fabulous. From the classy ponytail to an intricate braid, here are 10 styles for you to try this summer…

The French Braid

A timeless hairstyle for any occasion, especially when you want your hair out of your face. Nothing is more annoying than your hair getting in your face on a hot day in the sun. So scrap your basic pony for an elegant french braid. Keep it loose for a relaxed look, and you can even adventure with this style from finishing the plait at the bottom of your head into a seamless pony or splitting your parting in half and going for two braids.

Bubble ponytail

This unique style isn’t going anywhere. Grab yourself some small elastic bands and begin sectioning. This super quick and super easy style is a great way to elevate your ponytail. Simply tie your hair up as usual and start wrapping elastic bands around smaller sections while slightly pulling the hair through to make a bubble impact. You can even explore with this hairstyle and make it a half up half down do, if you’re someone who just prefers the hair off your face.

Front plaits

If like me, you prefer to keep your hair down but just want your bangs out of your face, (because let face it applying sunscreen and hair in your face do not go hand in hand) well exploring with plaits is the perfect way to go. Take your hair front the very crown of your head, if you have bangs cut you can section off your shorter hair, and decide between two, three, four braids. Do you prefer thinker braids? Tiny braids? The choice is yours. Plait away towards the back of your hair and seal with elastic bands. This hairstyle wont move all day.

Braided top knot bun

Now this one is if you want to get a little creative. Turn your classic slouchy bun into something more fun for your poolside day. Simply flip your hair upside down as you would when pulling into a bun, but take the bottom of your hair line and simply plait up until you reach the crown of your head. Once this is tied in place, continue to put in your usual bun.

Two front braids

The hairstyle that has taken models by storm, seen on the likes of Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner this look is certified cool. A super quick hair do to make your morning routine that little bit easier. If you prefer to keep your hair down in the heat, simply take the two front sections of your hair and braid them, tying them with an elastic band or a colourful band. Taking your natural hair into a fun beach look. You can even switch this up with the bubble braids just like Gigi Hadid did.

Get creative with clips

Summer is the time to play with colour, so why not incorporate this into your poolside hair looks? Another undone hairstyle to leave your hair down, simply spice up your look with some butterfly clips. Get creative with the placement, an easy way to style your hair. From taking the front pieces back to random placement. Perfect if you don’t have the time for plaits on a morning.

Curly ponytail

Forever a ponytail girl? Don’t worry we understand, you can still spice your average pony up with some simple waves. The biggest hack of them all? Simply try your hair in your usual pony and only curl the ends of the hair, this will take you literally 10 minutes and cause so much less damage to your hair. Don’t forget your heat protectant.


No you don’t have to be 6 to rock a pigtail. The double dutch pigtail is a great way to add some volume to your hair. Start with parting your hair in two and french plaiting them all the way down to the start of your neck then simply end there and add it two bobbles for the pigtail look. You can even turn this into a high pigtail look by using the bubble hair effect. Simply tie two pony tails at the top of your hair and begin the bubble effect on both sides.

Fully braided locks

Takes your plaits to the next level, section your hair into smaller parts and add around 16-20 braids all down your hair. Not only will this give you beauty waves after the day, but your hair stays intact! A great way to avoid using heat on your hair but still having a playful look. Protect your hair from the waves.

Half up half down

We saved the easiest till last. Are you guilty of throwing your hair up in an effortless bun everyday? Then try this way, it takes no more time and elevates you from slouchy to sophisticated instantly. Take half your hair up from above your ears and tie with a scrunchie either in a bun or loose pony. Not only will this keep your hair out of your face but you will look sleek all day long.

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