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The Secret To The Perfect Tan And How To Maintain One

The Secret To The Perfect Tan And How To Maintain One

Summer is here and so are the endless months of tanning and getting that beautifully bronzed glow to your skin. But what is the most effective way to tan and maintain it the longest? We’ve got all the tips on how to master the perfect tan safely and take care of your skin after the sun. Taking care of your skin during the summer months is crucial not only for your tan but also for your health. So let's be safe, tanned goddesses together.

Step 1 Prep, prep and more prep…

Just like if you were to apply your favourite bottle of foam mousse to your skin before turning your bedsheets green in fake tan, prep is also essential before spending a day in the sun for a natural tan. This will help you prevent peeling and any form of flaking before it even happens. Get ahead of the game. Using a salt scrub, exfoliate your skin before taking off to the beach to bathe your body in the heat of the sun. When your skin hasn’t been exfoliated, it’s more likely to peel.

Step 2 What is your skin type?

Ever been around that friend who can effortlessly slap on factor 20 over their body and come back bronzed, yet you coated yourself in factor 50 not even missing an elbow and return home red and sore? Or if you are that friend, lucky you. This is where it's clear we all have different skin types so it’s important we recognise this and protect our skin. It actually relates to the amount of melanin in your skin and how different skin tones react to the UV rays in the sun.

Fitzpatrick skin types:

Fitzpatrick skin type I

skin always burns, never tans, and is sensitive to UV exposure

Fitzpatrick skin type II

skin burns easily and tans minimally

Fitzpatrick skin type III

skin burns moderately and tans gradually to light brown

Fitzpatrick skin type IV

skin burns minimally and always tans well to moderately brown

Fitzpatrick skin type V

skin rarely burns and tans profusely to dark

Fitzpatrick skin type VI

skin never burns, is deeply pigmented, and is least sensitive to UV exposure

(Healthline, 2022)

By identifying your skin type from your own experience you can best cater to keep your skin safe in the tanning process.

Step 3 The ‘oops I forgot there’ areas

When layering up on sun cream, there are those certain areas we possibly forget. So never forget to slap some cream on your hairline, there is nothing worse than a burnt parting. Or if you don’t want to wash cream out of your hair that night, be sure to pick an elegant sun hat to keep on. Secondly never forget your face or feet! Apply 50 on these areas always, it’s better to be safe than sorry and prevent those wrinkles early.

Top tip: Apply factor 50 sunscreen to your face every day of the year to prevent early ageing and take best care of your skin. Yes even in the snow, even when you're inside. Those UV rays are everywhere.

Step 4 Oil is NOT your friend

Do not under any circumstance layer yourself in your closest cooking oil. This is one quick way to burn, peel and lose your tan. Remember the best way to not only get a tan but keep one is taking care of your skin in the process. SPF is truly the most important step in getting a lavish tan.

Step 5 Re-Apply (yes even when you’re feeling lazy)

Sun cream does not last forever once applied, sadly you can’t get away with applying your cream in the morning and just going about your day. Even if you hate the sticky feeling, that lasts 5 seconds, compared to (what feels like endless) days of burnt skin. Re-apply your sun cream every 2-3 hours and after any time you’ve taken a swift dip in the pool.

Step 6 Moisture is your best friend

Now the best and most effective way to keep a tan from fading? Moisturise. It’s that simple. Keeping your skin hydrated after long days in the dehydrating sun will work wonders. Get all your products that are boasting in oils, creamy body butters or lavish moisturisers. Even mix in some aloe vera to keep your skin calm.

Step 7 Keep the heat down

Remember the importance of maintaining moisture in your skin? Well here's a little tip, ensure your showers aren’t too hot. We are all guilty of standing in a scolding hot shower, soaking in the heat but this is the worst thing for maintaining a tan. During these steamy showers you are actually drying your skin out, which in turn can cause your tan to flake.

Step 8 Glowgetter

Finally, bathe your skin in a shimmery body oil and enhance that tan before slipping on your favourite dress.

If you prefer an instant tanning method, we recommend Naked Tan. It's an express vegan friendly, has great coverage and really lasts.

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