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A 2022 recap of everything Styelle Swim achieved this year

A 2022 recap of everything Styelle Swim achieved this year

We are constantly striving for better here at Styelle Swim and 2022 was a year of transformation and incredible goals. Our mission has always been to provide sustainable, ethical swimwear for fashion-forward ocean lovers while leading the way in the industry as a fashion house that does everything it takes to produce ethical and sustainably in the society of fast-fashion and throwaway culture. We hope to provide inspiration and educate our beloved Styelle community as conscious shoppers and fashion lovers. So here’s everything we achieved in 2022...

We diverted 75kgs of clothing from landfills! 

One of the fashion industry's biggest problems is the overfilling consumptions of clothes that head into landfills and take years and years to decompose, ultimately damaging the planet. As the fashion industry continues to be one of the biggest polluters and wasteful in the world, we are proud to have diverted tens of kilograms from ending up in never-ending landfills.

Styelle Swim launched globally onto Zalando and Wolf and Badger

Aiming to make sustainable swimwear accessible to everyone, we are so grateful to have launched onto some of the largest global, e-commerce platforms this year offering our swimwear to more conscious consumers around the world.


Styelle turned six years old!

We can’t believe that Styelle Swim is officially six years old, we couldn’t be more grateful to every single one of you for supporting Styelle Swim. We are so proud of this incredible community we have built and we cannot wait for what the next six years hold.


Rebranding was in full swing

You may have noticed Styelle Swim underwent a brand new transformation this year. We wanted to serve our sophisticated consumers with a sophisticated luxury experience. Aiming to always reflect our values and community, after size years a little refresh was all we needed to showcase our luxe and timeless new logo.


We featured on the eCommerce MasterPlan podcast

The award-winning podcast invited our CEO and founder, Charys Caldarella to chat all things Styelle Swim. Discussing Styelle’s six-year growth to a €1 million brand and making the whole business carbon-negative. Continuing to strive to share the message of sustainable fashion, Styelle never stops.


Take a listen here if you missed it.


We won Best Ethical Luxury Swimwear Brand 2022

The GHP Awards crowned Styelle Swim the best ethical luxury swimwear company of 2022 after our consistent and unwavering efforts to strive for ethical fashion. 


We held our first showing at Halation Agency.

As an agency which focuses on connecting the Australian consumer with trusted, quality brands, we were honoured to show Styelle Swim there in 2022 for the first-ever time.


Styelle went global

This year we launched in five new countries! Spreading our Styelle swimwear globally, we launched into Belgium, Germany, France, Dubai and the UK in 2022. A dream come true to expand out of Australia and become a global, luxury, sustainable company setting the way for ethical fashion. 

We diverted over 300 tonnes of CO2

You probably know by now that diverting co2 is incredibly important to us as a brand, the emissions of co2 can harm the planet and are crucial to climate change. As the first fashion brand in Australia to use Amni Soul Eco Fluity CO2 biodegradable fabric, we didn’t stop there we continue to offset any co2 we use and this year alone helped to divert over 300 tonnes on top of that.

Supporting young women

As a company that continues to support women in every way possible, we have always taken a stand for what is right. In 2022 with our support, Miss Grand Australia was able to raise over $50,000 for destiny rescue which led to the freedom of 30+ children from sex trafficking. 


Thank you for continuing to support us here at Styelle Swim, none of this would have been possible without you or your support. We look forward to what 2023 holds for us.

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