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16 New Year’s resolutions and how to stick with it

16 New Year’s resolutions and how to stick with it

The dreaded time for  New Year’s resolutions is here…That time of year we make a list of unrealistic goals and then beat ourselves up for not achieving them. We need to ask ourselves why we add that goal to our list, do we want to lose ten pounds to make ourselves healthier or because society suggests we're not beautiful? It’s time to set fun, achievable goals that fill us with excitement for the New Year. Transform this into a creative and fun task at the start of the year. We’re here to offer you some inspiration on how to set goals for yourself and stick to them. Styelle has got your back. So let’s welcome 2023 full of positive and grateful energy.

So how can we really stick to our new year's resolutions? 

Make them simple and achievable, you don’t have to think big to the point it overwhelms you, it could be as simple as drinking 2L of water a day and being consistent or it could be landing my dream job. But remember your goals should excite you. If it is as big as landing your dream job, then make steps, each step is a goal. Break it down, from writing your cover letter to prepping for interviews or researching the company. Each small step is a goal towards your dream resolution. 

Give yourself a time frame to stay motivated, for example, to read 3 books by March. This helps you plan out how to achieve your realistic goal. Keeping each resolution as realistic as possible, remember if you have a busy day-to-day life, don’t say go to the gym every day if this will fact be too much for you and then you will feel down for not being able to go. Think what can I do? I can go three times a week or attend a class once a week. Consistency is key. 

Make sure each goal is something you value and actually want to achieve for only yourself, not for others. Lose the pressure of bettering yourself for others and doing it for yourself, what do you want out of this year? Journal and question your values and what would make you happy this year. This way you will love each and every single one of your resolutions. 

In need of some resolution inspiration? We’ve got 18 ideas to spark a notion of self-care, happiness and motivation…

  1. Buy fresh groceries, not heavily packaged supermarket goods. If you're looking to become sustainable this year, why not take small steps with a big impact and swap to shopping at local food markets?

  1. Support small businesses over fast fashion. Aiming to buy quantity over quality this year? Research into small local businesses or eCommerce ones with ethical values to shop from over Pretty Little Thing.

  1. Read a book a month. Hoping to read more this year? Don't set an unrealistic target of 100 books if you’ve never read before and work daily. Reading one book a month, or one chapter an evening institutes a consistent habit. 

  1. Stop gossiping. A great way to attract negative energy is to complain and gossip about others. Looking to become a better person? Why not try to make a habit of catching yourself every time you gossip of complain and stop? You will then see the incredible effects of not spreading negativity. 

  1. Have a set morning routine. Are you someone that is a victim to doom-scrolling on your phone in bed each morning? Take small steps to build yourself a healthier morning routine for your mind and soul. 

  1. Instead of eating healthy every day why not learn new recipes and fall in love with cooking? Food is fuel and your body deserves nurturing. 

  1. Set your screen time for your mental health. Only once you set this will you realise just how much time you can waste on your phone and social media and just how bad it can be for our brains. Turn on your screen time and watch your world open up.

  1. Build a capsule wardrobe. Stop wasting money on fast fashion and look at building a wardrobe you love full of sustainable, timeless garments. 

  1. Seek out to give one compliment a day. if you’re thinking it. say it. Telling a stranger or a friend you love their shoes or their hair looks great, might just make their day entirely.

  1. Set work boundaries. When you log off, switch off. No just checking your emails or responding to one text, learn to give yourself some time to fully relax and be in the present moment alone or with your loved ones and watch your energy rise.

  1. Travel. Are you someone who loves to explore? Make a bucket list of where you want to go whether it’s a local city to you or jetting off on a plane. 

  1. Gratitude list. Make a conscious effort to write a gratitude list every single day, whether it’s on your phone notes on your commute to work or sitting in bed with a journal at night. Learn to look for the good in life.

  1. Get out of your comfort zone. What is something that you’ve always wanted to do that scares you or just doesn't seem like something you could do? Prove yourself wrong.

  1. Reduce waste. Make a conscious effort to turn your leftover food into a brand-new meal rather than scraping it into the bin every night.

  1. Learn about greenwashing. Educating ourselves is crucial, why not take time this year to read about sustainability, greenwashing and ethical practices? 

  1. Swap or donate your clothes. This is a great way to give your wardrobe a new lease of life. Why not look into our very own Buyback scheme here at Styelle?

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