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9 sustainable magazines & books to read on your time away this New Year

9 sustainable magazines & books to read on your time away this New Year

In need of a good read for your New Year’s break? Styelle has got you covered. There is nothing more relaxing than quality you-time away from the daily stresses of life and work, so take some time for yourself this new year. Whether you’ve got a travel trip planned or a trip to your sofa, do it with a good book or magazine to indulge in. Why not grab a sustainable choice to start your new year right? Learn and enlighten ourselves on the sustainable practises of fashion, since greenwashing is bigger than ever, it’s time to educate ourselves and switch our mindset with fashion for ourselves and the planet.

Loved Clothes Last: How the Joy of Rewearing and Repairing Your Clothes Can Be a Revolutionary Act

Released just last February, this insightful book by Orsola, teaches us the revolution in caring for our clothes and teaches us how to make our loved wardrobe last longer. If you’ve fallen into the pit of consistently buying new clothes, this is the guide for you this new year. Switching your mindset from waste culture and shopping addict to a sustainable purchaser who takes care of their clothes and reduces their carbon footprint. Even Elle UK’s Editor In Chief said it’s a must-read.

How To Break Up With Fast Fashion: A guilt-free guide to changing the way you shop - for good

Fast fashion has become so culturally normal in our day-to-day life, it’s the one toxic relationship we can’t seem to break free of. Bravo, inspires us to how we can still love clothes and fashion without having terrible shopping habits that cost us the earth. This is the guide on how to fall back in love with your own wardrobe and embrace new practices of shopping without sacrificing your love of fashion. 

Wear, Repair, Repurpose: A Maker's Guide to Mending and Upcycling Clothes

Ready to reduce your own wasteful fashion? This immersive book helps everyone from beginners to experts to give clothes new life. With an illustrated step-by-step process to demonstrate each mending technique, Fulop really does make it that easy for us. Showcasing ways to mend clothes, darn socks or crochet and more. Back to the days of make-do and mend before fast fashion took over. It’s time to switch our mindset with clothes.

Fashionopolis: The Price of Fast Fashion and the Future of Clothes 

Shining a light on the hidden truth of fashion, the 100 billion garments churned out a year and the reality of the underpaid garment workers and the horrific exploitation they face. Thomas shares the truth of the industry and the cost to our humanity and the planet, while sharing the inspiring vision of the activist and designers who are single-handedly fighting for change in the industry. The first book to look at how we can start dressing and purchasing with intention, not mindfully shopping fast fashion.

Wardrobe Crisis: How We Went From Sunday Best to Fast Fashion

This witty book inspires a fashion revolution. Clare Press, Marie Claire’s fashion editor at large, is here to empower you to love your wardrobe again. Emphasising how the industry has gone from our local seamstress to a globalised industry, Press explores the ethics of our clothes in this society. From sweatshops to Haute Couture, tracing the origins of the most powerful fashion houses like Chanel to the throwaway culture we live with today. Sharing some shocking facts and figures, this is the book to open your eyes inside the industry.

Climate Justice: A Man-Made Problem With a Feminist Solution

Robison is on a mission to save the planet for the younger generation, Reality struck her when realising the kind of world her first grandson had been born into in 2003. Leading her to travel the world ins search of answers, this book shares the stories of the revelation of the women, mothers and grandmothers like her who are fighting for change.

Eluxe Magazine

While there are not many magazines out there dedicated to sustainable fashion, Eluxe is the world’s first publication fully dedicated to sustainable luxury. Based in London, they are dedicated to showcasing the fashion houses whose unwavering dedication to ethical and sustainable practices in the luxury market.

The circle fashion magazine

Curated with the mission to inform and inspire people's perception of sustainable fashion choices, the circle fashion magazine shines a light on sustainable fashion designers, while showcasing how sustainable fashion is the future and can be luxurious, comfortable and affordable.  Even informing us of the brands who are now going down an ethical route to avoid us from greenwashing tactics.


Sharing non-stop sustainable stories, this publication is made for conscious shoppers. From eco-designs to a healthy lifestyle, Luxiders shares insightful articles and luxury and independent designers' stories. For those who want to educate themselves on sustainability, this is the magazine for you.


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