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Your perfect Styelle Swimsuit based on your Zodiac Sign

Your perfect Styelle Swimsuit based on your Zodiac Sign

Each zodiac sign holds its own unique personality, from traits and quirks to values. We want to empower each zodiac sign on a light-hearted journey of self-discovery. Personal style is a huge part of showcasing who you are, so whether you’re a beach babe who lives in her bikini or planning a holiday, why not seek out your higher self in the process? Is your first instinct to ask ‘what’s your star sign?’ as soon as you meet someone? Are you co-stars biggest fan? Or are you just an avid reader of your daily horoscopes? Then this guide is for you. Whether you’re a fire or water sign, we have swimwear to empower all women from fierce to classic find your perfect bikini based on your zodiac.


21st of March- 19th of April

The first sign within the realm of the zodiacs, it’s no wonder Aries thrives on being number one. Seeking out the competition and pushing themselves in every boundary, Aries always comes out on top. Their competitive nature and drive is a huge part of this fire signs personality. They like to simply say it how it is, staying direct and clear with their approach to life. This means that elaborate details can often leave them feeling flustered.

The Olivia Eco One Piece is perfect for this fire sign, with simple clean lines and a classy silhouette, this swimsuit has no excessive hardware, only an elegant belted waistline. This is one statement piece to certainly help the Aries come out on top.


20th of April- 20th of May

Characterized as a bull, this earth signs prospers in lavish self-care. Captivated by comfort and luxury, the Taurus actually mimics the trait of their spirit animal, as lovers of tranquil environments. You will find them taking a relaxing beach day in the quiet winds or a luxurious spa day.

The Indy Bikini Support Top and High Waisted Bottoms are the Taurus’s haven. The two-piece screams luxury comfort, with the buttery soft finish and secure comfort. Not to mention it’s graceful details and serene forest green colourway.


21st of May-20th of June

The social butterflies of the zodiac gang, you can always count of the Gemini of the room to bring the place to life. Gemini’s often feel like they want to split themselves in half in order to chase all their passions, which makes sense when they’re in fact characterized by celestial twins. The air sign is known to be spontaneous, bubbly and always down to try out something courageous.

The Arielle One Shoulder Eco One Piece screams Gemini. This fearless cut-out swimsuit is the perfect option for the sign whose open to try something new. This playful design gives swimwear an edge, just the Gemini.


21st of June-22nd of July

Characterized by the crab, the water sign represents exactly that in their personality traits. It balances the emotional universe with the material in harmony, cultivating the crabs seamless transition from ocean to shore. Just like the crabs nature of self-protection, the Cancer sign incorporates that into its relationships to protect its head and its heart. They also thrive on creating comfortable, safe spaces to spend all their time in.

The Holly Blue Shine Long Sleeve Top and High Waist Bottoms are the Cancer’s sanctuary. This cosy two-piece couldn’t make swimwear more cosy, offering a place of security to the sign. The toxin-free fabric and iridescent blue colourway are perfect for the water sign who prioritizes comfort.


23rd of July-22nd of August

This confident fire sign flourishes in the spotlight. Characterized by the lion, they take on the role as the Queen of the jungle in everyday life. Fuelled with passion and loyalty, the fire sign is known to be fiery indeed and a little OTT sometimes.

The Kailah Mega Boost One Piece is one for the spotlight. Fit for royalty, this striking silhouette will certainly bring all eyes on the Leo. The high-fashion tassel edge look is worthy of the jungle queen.


23rd of August- 22nd of September

The definition of perfectionism? A Virgo. This earth sign is an organised and practical thinker, with a well-thought-out approach to any situation they are put in. The perfectionism inside of them is excessively aware of every tiny detail, another sign might not even of considered. They will practice with patience as driven individuals.

The Danielle Support Eco Bikini Top and Cut Out Bottoms is an intricate swimsuit fit for a Virgo. Featuring cut-out details, knot detailing, and a vivid sculpted pattern. The strapless design is made for the Virgo thinkers, while the subtle sophisticated details are appreciated by one.


23rd of September-22nd of October

Characterized by the scales, this symmetry reflects in the Libra’s life. Fixated on balance in all aspects of their life, the air sign seeks harmony. Their values lie with the matter of the heart, but their material world is somewhat luxurious. As lovers of art and beauty, the Libra surrounds itself with graceful tangible objects to reflect their opulent eye.

The Belle Bikini Top and Bottoms match the exquisite taste of the Libra in perfect harmony. Featuring a beautiful print and lavish look, this is one the Libra will want to surround themselves with at any beach event.


23rd of October-21st of November

One of the most complex signs of the Zodiac, the mysterious quality surround the Scorpio has always been there. This water sign uses emotional energy and has the ability to utilize their powerful means throughout life. This lively sign is full of energy and difficult to understand to others.

The Acaia Balconette Bikini Top and Bottoms is the Scorpio in bikini form, dynamic and elaborate. The unique neckline can mysteriously also mimic a top, as the vibrant colourway is full energy. This is no ordinary bikini for no ordinary sign.


22nd of November-21st of December

The fire sign that can’t be tied down. Constantly seeking adventure, from travelling to spiritual growth, they hold a bold spirit. They are unlike any other sign with such a drive for constant growth. The Sagittarius is fun to be around with their cheeky tendencies.

The Helene Tropical One Piece is the playful swimsuit made for the last fire sign. The cheeky low back and sexy cut along with the adventurous tropical print is perfect for the Sagittarius so they never get bored.


22nd of Dcemeber-19th of January

The last earth sign is always climbing to the top. Valuing time, the Capricorn puts its drive into patience, persittance and devotion into all aspects of life. Their fearless drive and untamed spirit is a rare Zodiac quality. Their dedicated focus to the big picture and have a unique perspective on life.

The Zaina Bikini Top and Bottoms is the fearless look made for the Capricorn. The rare print matches their rare qualities.


20th of January-18th of February

Humanity is at the forefront of the Aquarius’s mind, with their sensitive side taking forefront, they often require love and appreciation shown to them to build relationships.As the most wildly rebellious sign, they could go as far to planning a peace walk to speaking kindly to a friend.

The Lily Balconette Bikini is perfect for the Aquarius’s wild side. The square neckline and bow detail offer a cute kind feel just like the Aquarius while the pink floral print gives you a hint of their lively touch and funky style.


19th of February to 20th March

Possibly the most emphatic sign of them all, Pisces are incredibly intuitive and some may say this is because they are the last of all the signs. It is like this star sign has absorbed all the lessons along the way. The sign is constantly tied between reality and escapism.

The Mia Bikini Top and Bottoms is ruched with detail just as the Pisces is with knowledge. Tied between simplism and luxury, this two-peice is perfect for the last sign. Keeping it classic.

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