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Your 3-Week Guide to Getting Your Skin Beach-Ready

Your 3-Week Guide to Getting Your Skin Beach-Ready

At Styelle, we love being beach ready all year round – but unfortunately, time doesn’t always permit so we have put together this routine for all our babes. Whether you’re getting ready for a trip or have left summer prep to the last minute – this routine will have your skin beach ready in no time! Your 3-Week Guide to Getting Your Skin Beach-Ready.

Those few weeks you have in the lead up to summer or that much needed holiday, step up your skin-buffing routine by adding a nourishing body wash during your shower or using a good quality bath mitt or glove with your usual body cleanser (we recommend Merindah Botanicals all natural Hydrating Hand and Body Wash). Sugar scrubs are also another way to slough off dry, dead skin. Exfoliate two to three times a week, massaging your skin in a gentle circular motion. If you notice redness or irritation, lightly ease off on the pressure and scale back the buffing.

Having a good quality mitt is as important as having good quality products. But what should a good quality mitt do..?

The Smoothing Exfoliating Mitt from Merindah Botanicals helps to remove ingrown hairs. Its unique blend of fibers massages away dead skin cells and improves circulation. Ideal for use prior to hair removal and self-tanning application.
It may also help combat the appearance of cellulite, leaving you with smoother, healthier skin.
- Removes layers of dead skin instantly
- Helps even skin tone and prevents dullness, giving your skin a beautiful, soft glow
- Helps to absorb skincare products more effectively
- Reduces ingrown hairs, bumps and clogged pores
- Improves circulation, stimulates collagen and fights aging
- Smoothes skin surface for even tanning and self-tanning products

For the softest skin, lock in the moisture post-body scrub. When you step out of the shower, pat dry your skin (don’t rub) and immediately apply moisturiser. Products like Merindah Botanicals Pampering Body Lotion that contains all natural ingredients like shea and cocoa butters provide long lasting hydration. And don’t forget to apply sunscreen on exposed skin while you’re out lounging.

When you’re actually on holiday – and spending the days in your Styelle Swim by the pool or beach – you can combine these two steps. “A hydrating body scrub – such as Merindah Botanicals Invigorating Body Scrub - can double as a body lotion,” says Mel Driver, founder of Merindah Botanicals. During the summer months, most complexions don’t require as much heavy-duty moisture, and it’ll save space in your bag, too!

Things you need to know about sun bathing and sunscreen:Your 3-Week Guide to Getting Your Skin Beach-Ready

“Tanning is the first sign of sun damage” Mel Driver says. “Every time you get sunburnt and your skin starts to peel, it’s a second degree burn so be sure to be sun smart! Sunscreen should be applied at least 30 minutes prior to sun exposure to allow it to be fully absorbed and needs to be re-applied frequently, especially if you’re in the water or sweating a lot. Look for sunscreens made with non-nano zinc oxide for best broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection and stay well away from homemade or DIY recipes for sunscreen no matter how good they sound. “

Why we prefer Merindah Botanicals at Styelle HQ:

It's all-natural formulation that really works. Our founder, Charys Caldarella is living proof with her hypersensitive skin and dermatitis. Merindah Botanicals gives Charys great results and does not irritate at all while keeping the routine simple for her busy schedule. We do recommend you speak to your physician before use with skin conditions, just as she did. “I especially LOVE the Pampering Body Lotion” says Charys, “It feels amazing and smells good enough to eat (laughs). As the founder and CEO of a swimwear label, the pressure is always on to have my skin looking great without a tan or make-up and Merindah Botanicals gives me a beautiful natural glow. Even at 32, I still get asked to show my ID .” More about Charys >>

Your 3-Week Guide to Getting Your Skin Beach-Ready

Styelle HQ xx

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