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Where to Eat in Sydney Based on Your Favourite Styelle Swimwear Piece

Where to Eat in Sydney Based on Your Favourite Styelle Swimwear Piece
Where to Eat in Sydney Based on Your Favourite Styelle Swimwear Piece: Vegan and Vegetarian Edition

Sydney has always been known for their stunning beaches (the perfect place to rock your favourite Styelle piece), but Sydney’s food scene is also one to be reckoned with. In true Styelle ‘style’, we are giving you ethical beauties the best vegan or vegetarian restaurants to visit based on your favourite Styelle Swimwear Piece. Styelle Swimewear embodies sustainable values through being made with biodegradable, plastic free and toxin free fabrics. Alongside this, our supply chain is short and exploitation free with a ‘carbon positive’ business model.

At Styelle, we are firm advocates that any small contribution to fighting the climate crisis has a large impact, this is why we have listed the very best vegan and vegetarian restaurants below. Whether you are a strict vegetarian, vegan or a flexitarian, every meal counts when helping the environment! So, choose your favourite Styelle Swimwear piece and you will let you know your next restaurant destination in Sydney!

  1. Lisiane Triangle Bikini | Gigi - Vegan

The Lisiane Triangle Bikini is both elegant and edgy, made with ultra soft and quick drying material. It is a classic whilst still managing to surprise, much like the Newtown vegan italian restaurant, Gigi Pizzeria. Located on the bustling King Street, the buzzy, rustic-chic atmosphere creates a modern take on Italian night. The completely vegan menu means that you can have all your favourite meals, guilt-free! From wood-fired pizza to creamy gnocchi to cannoli, there isn’t an Italian classic which has been forgotten.


Lisiane Bikini

  1. Daisy Triangle Bikini | Yellow - Vegetarian

The Daisy bikini offers a zesty take on the classic triangle bikini with its beautiful colours and ruched triangle design to provide a more full apparance. This eco-bikini is both luxurious, biodegradable and toxin free for a high-end, guilt free experience. Much like the Daisy, the all vegetarian restaurant was named after its beautifully bright yellow exterior. Yellow is located in Potts Point and is run by an award-winning team. Inspired by European dining, Yellow offers a contemporary menu in an informal atmosphere at affordable prices.


Daisy Bikini

  1. Emma Ribbed Bikini | Oh My Days - Vegan

Both bold and beautiful whilst maintaining classic lines, the Emma Ribbed Bikini is the perfect option for those who love to make a splash! Its stunning textured fabric is lined with a soft repreve recycled material. This bikini brings the brightness to your day, much like the stunning all vegan cafe, Oh My Days. This hidden gem is located in Glebe and holds all your favourite cafe goodies - vegan style! From delectable croissants to french toast to a danish topped with oat milk cream and blueberries, this cafe does not hold back when it comes to delivering the vegan goods! We promise, it will not disappoint!

Oh My Days

Emma Ribbed Bikini

  1. Helene One Piece | Golden Lotus - Vegan

The Helene offers a sexy take on the classic one piece with a brazil cut bum, low cut back and cheeky side. Created with a certified toxin free materials, your skin will thank you for choosing the Helene. This vibrant piece emulates the atmosphere of the Golden Lotus restaurant. Located in Newtown, along King Street, Golden Lotus serves authentic Vietnamiese vegan cuisine. This eatery offers a range of classic dishes to give customers a true taste of Saigon. From noodle soups to Vietenemese street food, every option is bursting with flavour. Upon approach to Golden Lotus, they display a ‘Veganism is Magic’ sign and our swimwear couldn’t agree more!

Golden Lotus

Helene One Piece

  1. Arielle One Piece | Yulli’s - Vegan

The Arielle is a one shoulder cut away piece which offers a timeless yet stunning design. The strategically placed cutaways with a mesh overlay creates a narrow waist and elegant silhouette. This piece marries elegance with sexiness for the perfect swimwear. Its electric coloruing sets a chic tone, much like the interiors of Yulli’s. Located in the bustling Surry Hills, its stunning design and vegan menu combined creates an exciting feel of intrigue to all who enter. Offering a range of delectable eats inspired by asian cuisine,such as Korean fried broccolini and warm chocolate lava cake, they pride themselves in providing only the best for their customers, much like Styelle.

Arielle One Piece


From Italian to Vietnemese, there is no shortage of mouth watering vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Sydney. Whilst this type of diet may not be followed by everyone, it has been seen to have beneficial effects on both the environment and consumers. No matter how many or few times you eat plant-based, it will have a lasting positive impact. The positive impact of veganism is not only in effect throught the food which you eat but also through the clothes which you choose to wear. Our vegan and biodegradable swimwear pieces are therefore many peoples top choice as they are both good for you and the world.

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