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MIAMI SWIM WEEK 2022: The Trends and Styelle

MIAMI SWIM WEEK 2022: The Trends and Styelle

Miami Swim Week is the annual fashion event which showcases the newest collections from some of the top swimwear designers in the industry. Held in the coastal metropolis, Miami, its lifestyle which is centred around all things beach and beachwear allows it to be the perfect destination to showcase the up and coming swimwear trends.

Each year, some of the biggest swimwear designers flock to the city of Florida to showcase their latest designs, allowing for the forecasting of coming trends in swimwear. Whilst the shows are primarily for buyers, industry insiders and press, certain shows have tickets open to the public. Not only does this week involve fashion shows, but also a host of other events such as after-parties, fashion talks and well-being events. During this week, event tents cover the entire South Beach as models take to the runways in and around some of Miami’s most popular hotels. It is a coveted week full of excitement and incredible design.

This year, Swim Week was held from the 14th to the 21st of July and showcased a number of gorgeous pieces as well as a refreshing display of diversity on the runways - reflecting a more realistic depiction of the world around us. This display of diversity has been echoed in the brand story of Styelle for many years, as we believe that swimwear should be made to fit you, not the other way around! We are truly excited that this messaging has begun to reach Swim Week.

The stunning Paraiso Miami Beach hosted some of the most notable shows of the week. At these shows a range of trends which are present in Styelle’s current collections were noted.

The following are all the trends from Miami Swim Week which Styelle currently carry, to keep you looking trendy whilst keeping you sustainable and ethical!

  1. Cutouts! Cutouts Cutouts!

A common trend amongst a number of collections was the presence of cutouts. Although they aren’t something new to fashion, their popularity is rising with new and daring placements. This trend adds an exciting dimension to any piece of swimwear. Styelle Swim offers a range of pieces with strategically placed cutouts to narrow the waist and create a stunning silhouette. Shop our Arielle cutout one-piece below!

Danielle Tri Side Eco Bikini

Arielle One Piece

Cutouts as seen on the runway this season.

  1. Novelty over minimalist swimwear

This year a range of designers showcased collections with novel and eye-catching pieces showing movement towards statement pieces. Each piece offers a fresh and exciting take on swimwear, as seen in both the runway images and those of the Styelle collections.

Indy Bikini

Heather One Piece

Novelty swimwear as seen on the runway this season.

  1. Ruffles on Ruffles!

Designers at Swim Week took swimwear to a new dimension, 3D! Showing a variety of pieces with stunning textures from floral to ruffled embellishments, there was no shortage of striking ruffles. Styelle’s Kailah one piece embodies this eye-catching trend to give a high-fashion look to this glamorous piece.

Kailah One Piece

Ruffles as seen on the runway this season.

  1. Bright and Bold Colours

If one thing was clear from Swim Week, it’s that bold is beautiful. The designers were anything but shy when it came to adding bright and beautiful colours to their collections. The addition of bright colours to already fresh designs heightened the dazzle and drama on the runway. At Styelle we know that a brilliant coloured bikini or one-piece has the power to boost your confidence, whether pool-side or ocean dipping!

Charlotte Bikini

Emma Bikini

Bold colouring as seen on the runway this season.

At Styelle Swim, we understand how hard it can be when making a decision between ethical and trendy swimwear. However, with our range, you can have the best of both worlds. In the world of fashion, ‘trendy’ can be somewhat of an evil word and it is closely linked to fast fashion. However, with Styelle, you can be trendy, guilt free.

Styelle Swim is constantly pushing the boundaries to further the protection of our environment and combat climate change. Many companies in this industry tell a beautiful story of sustainability but never seem to deliver the end result. Tired of the rife ‘greenwashing’ and unsustainable products, we have made it our mission to prevent further pollution and environmental damage from the fashion industry. Each piece of swimwear from Styelle is 100% ethical and actually sustainable whilst maintaining a stunning look and feel. Our swimwear is crafted from Amni Soul Eco, a plant-based fibre which is 30% biodegradable with the remaining 70% completely decomposing within 10 years after discarding. This incredibly fast biodegradation rate (when exposed to microbiomes) means that you can be both ethical and sustainable, without sacrificing a thing!

So what are you waiting for? Shop Styelle's current collection here.

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