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Introducing Styelle Swim’s Bikini Buy Back Scheme!

Introducing Styelle Swim’s Bikini Buy Back Scheme!

Introducing Styelle Swim’s Bikini Buy Back Scheme!

We’re so excited to announce our latest effort to bring sustainability into the swimwear industry - our Bikini Buy Back Scheme! We decided to launch this program to make it easy for you to make space in your wardrobe so you can begin collecting more eco-friendly, sustainable options instead.

The start of the colder seasons is the perfect time to declutter your closet. We’ve all got a few bikinis and swimsuits that just aren’t being used for one reason or another, so we’re providing you with an easy way to get rid of those pieces to make space for new items that truly bring you joy. They also happen to be better for the environment too, which is always a good thing.

Read on to find out more about our premier Bikini Buy Back Scheme, and be sure to pay close attention to a very special offer by our partners at Upparel further - you don’t want to miss it!

About the Bikini Buy Back Scheme

When we set out on our mission to be a completely sustainable business, one of our primary concerns is being able to introduce new ways to make sure our products have an end of life plan.

Up until recently, the options for sustainable disposal of swimwear were practically non-existent - it’s not something that can be shared or passed down, and few people have the knowledge and skills to upcycle the unique fabrics used in swimwear, which often require special supplies and tools.

That’s where Styelle Swim’s Bikini Buy Back Scheme will make a big difference! This program will make it super easy for you to safely dispose of your old swimwear while also enjoying a few rewards for your efforts.

Here’s all you need to do:

  1. Send us any complete bikini set or one piece
  2. Receive a $25 gift voucher to spend on the Styelle Eco collection (1 voucher per transaction)
  3. Receive FREE scrunchies when you spend over $70
  4. Enjoy FREE express shipping for purchases over $70

Yes, it’s that easy!

Giving your swimwear a new life

You might be wondering by now, “What happens to the bikinis that I send to Styelle Swim?”.

Well, we’ve made no secret of our commitment to running our business ethically, sustainably, and transparently, so we’re telling you exactly what happens to the swimsuits and bikinis that you send our way as part of the Bikini Buy Back Scheme.

  1. The bikinis and swimsuits will be washed and sanitised.
  2. They will then be stored and collected until we gather 10kg of these donated swimwear.
  3. Once we collect those 10 kgs, we’ll send donated swimwear to Upparel to either be passed on to amazing organisations like Save The Children and Ready Set Australia, repurposed into new garments, or recycled into new materials!

Benefits of Styelle Swim’s Bikini Buy Back Scheme

When we discovered Upparel and the good work they’re doing, we knew that we wanted to partner with them as part of our mission to be completely sustainable. Between our ethical production and existing partnerships with ethical, sustainable brands, we have already made big strides in our commitment to creating a more mindful, ethical, and earth-friendly swimwear brand. This new program is simply another way we’re championing this better way of doing business!

We cannot overstate the importance of making more sustainable choices in your fashion choices. Numerous documentaries have uncovered the shockingly unethical practices of the fast fashion industry, and the very real human and environmental costs we’re all paying for it. Child labour, unsafe working conditions, environmental pollution - these are just some of the things we’re supporting when we continue supporting fast fashion practices.

The Bikini Buy Back Scheme allows you to be a part of a positive change, supporting a more ethical and sustainable fashion movement whilst still looking fabulous by the pool, on the beach, and beyond! Nothing beats looking good while feeling good about your shopping choices too.

This scheme will also benefit our shared planet in the long run. Every swimsuit and bikini that you send to us as part of this scheme is diverted from our already overloaded landfills, where they otherwise would be clogging up our air and waterways. Instead, it will be given new life with someone else or repurposed into beautiful new garments, supporting circular fashion in the process.

A special offer from Upparel, especially for you

As part of our special partnership with Upparel, you can send 10kg of your own clothing items and receive a $25 Styelle Swim voucher! As if you needed another reason to clear out your wardrobe for the new year, right?

It's never too late to start!

There’s no better feeling than having a wardrobe that reflects your taste and values. Make sure you walk the talk while still looking stylish by sending in your swimsuits and bikinis our way, and we’ll do the rest of the good work for you.

Want to learn more about our sustainable practices? Discover the story behind Styelle Swim and why sustainability is at the very heart of what we do. You can also shop our range of eco-friendly swimsuits, including the newest arrivals in our collection!

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