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History of the one-piece swimsuit and why it’s totally making a comeback!

History of the one-piece swimsuit and why it’s totally making a comeback!

Many people aren’t aware of this fun fact – but it was actually an Australian woman who modernised the one-piece swimsuit and forged the way for it to be an acceptable piece of beach attire for women to wear! Aussie swimmer Annette Kellermann was famously arrested on an American beach in Massachusetts in 1907 for indecent exposure, as a result of wearing a one-piece bathing suit which had been adapted from a men’s swim costume that she had bought in England. The bathers showed her arms, legs (with sewn stockings), and neck (which apparently was a big no-no at the time).

Her arrest sparked a public outcry which was the catalyst for Kellerman to start her own swim line, known as the ‘Annette Kellermans.’ In 1921 Harper’s Bazaar described the swimsuits as "bathing Attire [which] is distinguished by an incomparable, daring beauty of fit that always remains refined." Thus, by 1910, women began ditching the pantaloons and it paved the way for one-piece bathers to become widely accepted. They were even the authorised attire for women's swimming at the 1912 Summer Olympics, the first at which women were able to compete in.

Now you know how the one-piece swimsuit came to be, let’s take a look at why it’s seriously making a comeback after the two piece bikini took the world by storm.

  1. All the A-list celebs are flaunting it:

From Kendall Jenner, Em Rata, Gigi Hadid and even Taylor Swift – these celebs absolutely LOVE the one-piece look. Their Instagram clad bather shots caused searches across e-commerce platforms for one-piece bathers to skyrocket over the last two years. Some even reported a 436 percent increase in the search interests for one-piece swim suits.

  1. It protects your skin from chorine:
    Those who have sensitive skin types or suffer reactions as a result of chlorinated water can benefit greatly from wearing a one-piece. Due to the nature of the style covering more of the body, this allows more of the skin to be protected as well. This is great for those who frequent public pools or bath houses.
  2. They are perfect for water sports:
    Whether you’re an avid swimmer or surfer – one-piece swim suits offer the best peace of mind. This style means you don’t have to contend with pesky straps which may fall as you engage in some serious water sport activity. The style allows you to showcase your best ‘bring it on’ game face – rather than the face of embarrassment when your straps have come underdone and have revealed a little more than you had anticipated.
  3. It’s great for those conscious about their belly area:
    This style is amazing at making the belly look flatter, and accentuating all those natural curves. It’s also wonderful for those who are conscious about showing markings or scars in this area. When you’re comfortable in the bathing suit you’re in – you’ll be able to freely enjoy your beach or pool time.
  4. It’s practically a summer-ready bodysuit:
    Pair the one-piece style with your favourite skirt, shorts or flowy pants so you’re always beach ready on the go! This style ensures you won’t forget to pack those bikinis in your bag because you can wear them under your clothes or make them a key item of our overall outfit.
  5. The options are endless:
    Nowadays, this style has so many variations to it. From cheeky cut outs on the sides, low fronts and backs, strapless and tie ups, there is certainly a design to suit all personality types. The one-piece swim suit isn’t necessarily about modest anymore, with my designs encouraging a sexy poolside look.

With its humble beginnings, the one-piece bathing suit has transformed to be one of the most popular summer fashion choices of all time. Be sure to check out our range of one-piece bathing suits to rock this look over the coming months.

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