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How to take care of your swimwear

How to take care of your swimwear

So it’s no secret swimwear goes through it! But all the elegant, ethical babes want to know how to keep a swimsuit for the longest possible time? Production ends with us, but the care begins with you. When you buy such a timeless, classic swimsuit, you know those ones you never want to take off, when you take 5 bikinis on holiday and wear one the majority of the time. But all in all, you want to make the most of your gorgeous swimsuits so they can last year after year. Of course, we will select the sturdiest hardware and best quality fabrics, but then it’s all done to you and how you care for your piece. Take care of your ethically made swimsuit to not only extended the longevity of your favourite bikini but continue spreading your ethical values by re-using and re-wearing year after year.

Your stylish swimsuits face a lot, from layer after layer of sunscreen to whatever is lying in the depths of the ocean. Styelle Swim swimwear is made with summer after summer in mind, so we are here to not only offer you the best sustainable fabrics to all the ethical shoppers out there. But we also want to help you make the most of your elegant pieces after your purchase.

So, how do you keep your hardware glistening and your swimsuits vibrant?


Twisting and scrunching your bikini is not an easy hack to drain them after a pool day in the sun. It in fact will mess with your swimwear’s silhouette after time and time again. Although you may have a flexible and durable fabric, you still don’t want to be doing this year after year to let your swimsuit lose its shape. Instead, ensure to rinse your bikini after any wear in water. Rinsing under a tap will neutralize any chlorine left on your fabric. Then ensure to air dry on a flat surface in the shade, this allows the fabric to dry without the sun beaming on it. Although the sun may dry your bikini faster, it will actually allow the colour to fade quicker. Yes, we're thinking longevity here and after years of drying in the sun, your fabric is bound to loose its perfect pink shade or hue of blue.

Say no to irons and dryers

The number one way to shrink and ruin any swimsuit. The heat from these appliances will get into the fabric and destroy the elastic fibers of your garment keeping it together. Even if you are someone who loves and irons everything, swimsuits are not the one. This will in fact also damage the fibers and ruin any prints it can. Think of these heat abrasive machines as the killers of elegant swimsuits.

Hand wash (most of the time)

Machine washing is always a tricky one, although it seems the most effective way to clean your swimwear, it can be harsh on any hardware, or embellishments and even cause shrinkage and colour loss due to the heat. Ensure to carefully handwash your bikinis with a mild soap with no harsh ingredients to clean your swimsuits in a gentle and fresh way. However, sometimes your swimsuit may need a machine wash. If you’re someone who is at the beach every day, a weekly machine wash cycle might be useful or returning from a holiday of sunscreen and chlorine. When using the machine wash ensure to select cool, nope not even a 30-degree wash. Also make sure you are using the most gentle cycle possible.

Never wrap your bikini up in your towel

One tip to keep your swimsuit fresh. Leaving your bikinis wet in your towel after a long beach day and forgetting about them attracts odors. The humidity within the towel will attract your swimwear to smell. Storing your swimsuits while they are wet will lead to them holding onto smells and even fungi. So keep your favorite pieces fresh and allow them to always air dry.

Take *extra* care of any embellishments

Your fancier bikinis featuring any gold hardware or sequin embellishments need the most care to ensure each decorative detail stays fresh and intact. However, it’s not as hard as you may think. Never put these pieces in the washing machine, or dryer, or iron them, this will cause the hardware to loosen from the fabric or even dull the sparkle of them. Tarnished embellishments are the last thing you want on a beautiful bikini so make sure to take extra care. The best way to avoid tarnishing at all would be to even keep these pieces dry most of the time, and dedicate them to your sunbathing swimwear or the odd dip in the pool.

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