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The Styelle Effect.

The Styelle Effect.

As Australia's first biodegradable swim company, we're gonna break it down for you;

As well as your old swimmers, we're breaking down the impact of shopping at Styelle, and every way in which our brand supports an actively positive environmental impact - because neutrality isn't good enough for us!

Through our bikini buy-back scheme and vigilant recycling initiatives (read more here) we've saved a whopping 74.5 kilograms of textiles from landfill! Moreover, our proud status as a carbon positive company and our short supply chain has successfully offset 260.75kg of greenhouse gasses from entering the atmosphere!

Supporting Styelle means supporting a brand at the forefront of sustainable fashion, as well as a transparent company who values clear and truthful communication with our customers. In that spirit, heres 5 more ways in which we go above and beyond to ensure that we have yours and the planet's best interest at heart.

1. Carbon offsetting

Styelle is a proudly ‘carbon positive’ company, having already offsetting several tonnes of carbon. Supporting Styelle actually means reducing the amount of carbon in the air! Awesome, right?

2. Biodegradable fabric

We are proudly the first Australian swimwear line to use Amni Soul Eco Fluity swimwear fabric. This innovative, quick-drying textile breaks down and biodegrades roughly 10 years after use. Don't worry - you still get premium quality, beautifully made swimwear - but Styelle swimwear will biodegrade after discarding, meaning your old swimmers won't be sitting in landfill for thousands of years, just like our plastic-based competitors. How great is that!

3. Plastic and toxin free

The fabric dye is certified toxin free (Oeko-Tex 100 Certification) and is completely harmless for marine ecosystems. With Styelle, you can enjoy beautifully pigmented and super cute patterned bikinis that are completely safe for our fish friends - and dyed with recycled water, further limiting our waste and actively reducing pollution.

4. Short and exploitation free supply chain

Styelle's positive environmental impact doesn't come at the expense of human wellbeing. As a proudly slow fashion company, we exclusively employ ethical fashion practises. 100% of our short supply chain is completely exploitation free, with every manufacturer enjoying fair wages and full workers rights.

5. Plastic free and vegan.

We've ditched the plastic, and use 100% recyclable and compostable packaging. All Styelle products are 100% vegan, meaning everyone can enjoy our products and contribute to the Styelle community.

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