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These highly scrutinised looks are nothing if not intricate, with many containing subtle nods and hidden references to fashion's gilded age - granted, not the robust Victorian grandeur we all hoped, but nods nonetheless. 

The devil is well and truly in the details, and the Met Gala is absolutely no exception. Here are some things you might have missed:

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Plants Are The New Pleats: Up-and-coming designers fuse biology and art to innovate the fashion industry.

The fashion industry has long faced scrutiny for it’s monstrous environmental impact - and quite rightly too. For several years now, depressingly morbid statistics regarding the unsustainable nature of textile production and manufacture has been - pardon the pun - an incredibly vogue topic in the environmentally friendly zeitgeist. The entirety of the fashion industry, from both an environmental and humanitarian standpoint, has been called to innovate and remedy its seemingly unstoppable path of destruction.

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